Weird Husky Behavior: Does Your Husky Do Any Of These?

If you want to learn all about weird husky behavior and the reasons behind it, then you’ve come to the right place.

Huskies are prone to various odd and weird behaviors, not only in their vocal displays but in other areas, like their sleeping positions and stubborn personalities.

In this guide, I’ll explain the origins of weird husky behavior and eight examples of the most common types of this behavior and what it means.

Let’s get straight into it.

Why Are Huskies Weird?

There is no denying that huskies are pretty weird.

It’s one of the main reasons so many adore them, but where does this personality trait come from?

Let’s take a closer look at the underlying factors before diving into eight types of weird husky behavior you have no doubt already witnessed.


Huskies originated in Siberia (hence the name) and were domesticated by the Chukchi people and used as sled dogs.

Spitz-type dogs, like the husky and others like the Alaskan Malamute and Samoyeds, share a few unique personality traits.

These breeds tend to be highly independent but also very social at the same time. They love to be part of a pack and usually get on well with other dogs, but they can sometimes fight for the alpha position, and they are not very good at listening to commands either.

The heritage of the husky plays a significant role in explaining many of their weird and uncommon behaviors.

High Energy Drive & Intelligence

Another factor that plays a significant role in husky weirdness is how much energy they have, combined with their intelligence.

This stems from their background as sled dogs, which has left working huskies capable of pulling light loads for over 100 miles in extreme cases.

Domestic huskies today have a high demand for exercise, which means they can get bored quickly, leading to strange behaviors, especially unwanted ones like excessive howling.

Huskies are also highly intelligent, which can make them prone to becoming bored and displaying weird behaviors.

Top Tip

Huskies don’t rank highly on standard dog intelligence tests because they don’t like to listen to commands, making them less likely to repeat them. You only have to briefly live with a husky to realize how smart they are.

Not People Pleasers

Another common trait of independent Spitz-type dogs like the husky is they have a very small drive to please their owners, which is probably the most intriguing thing about these dogs.

Most ‘normal’ dog breeds, like labradors or German Shepherds, love to learn new tricks and please their owners in the process, but huskies are the opposite.

They are not interested in pleasing you, even if they are more often than not perfectly capable of performing the task.

Watch this viral video of Lobo competing in the agility class for a better idea of how little huskies listen to their owners, even when trained!

8 Types Of Weird Husky Behavior

If you’ve ever owned or had experience with a husky, there are undoubtedly several things (if not all) in the list below that you will have experienced.

1. Howling, Screeching, Talking?

Crying, wooing, laughing?

The list goes on…

Huskies are a super vocal breed, and the endless number of viral videos of huskies screaming is a testament to this.

Huskies don’t just bark like a normal dog either, and I personally think they are well on their way to speaking English with some of the sounds and noises that they can produce.

A husky sat in the snow howling

Most of the time, they will make strange noises to try to communicate with you, but if you have more than one husky, they can set each other off in a howling competition that can last for minutes at a time.

2. Digging At Their Water

Have you ever noticed your husky dipping their paws into their water bowls or trying to dig and splash water everywhere?

It’s much more common than you would think, and it’s hilarious when you first see it happening.

In most cases, it’s because they can see their reflection in the water, but it can also be due to other factors like preferring moving water over still, as this would be preferable in the wild.

3. Sleeping In Strange Positions

Huskies sleep in a manner of weird and wonderful positions.

The most common position you’ll find your husky in is curled into a ball. This is a natural position where they protect areas with less fur in cold temperatures.

Once your husky is comfortable, they might sleep on their backs or sides in some funky positions, and don’t be surprised if they start sleeping on any surface they can fit onto!

A husky sat outside in a field

They’ll also commonly take themselves outside to sleep if it’s colder and more comfortable for them to be out, so it’s important to have some shelter outside if they prefer to do so.

4. Throwing Tantrums

Huskies are notorious for throwing tantrums.

They’ll usually do this when they want something, whether that is their favorite treat or to go for a hike or run.

When your husky throws a tantrum, they often howl excessively and refuse to listen to commands. It’s important to figure out the cause of their tantrum because sometimes it can be a sign that they are in pain or discomfort.

5. Escaping

Huskies are known for being escape artists, which felt as weird to type as it does to say out loud.

You provide them with a warm and comfortable home, treats, food, and all the attention they could ever need – and they will still try to escape if they see an opportunity.

Don’t take it personally, though; huskies try to escape for many reasons.

One of the most common is that they don’t like to see an area but are unable to get there. If your fence isn’t tall enough, or they can dig underneath to get somewhere, you better believe they will try their luck.

6. Independent Yet Social

Another weird behavior of huskies is that they are one of the most friendly and social dog breeds you can find, but at the same time, they can be very independent and prefer their own space.

If you meet another husky for the first time, you’d be shocked at how friendly they are, and you’d never expect them to prefer some alone time every now and then when they are at home.

7. Extremely Stubborn

It wouldn’t be an article on weird husky behavior if I didn’t mention stubbornness.

Huskies are known for being stubborn, and even professional dog trainers have great difficulty getting them to learn new commands or follow basic instructions.

black and white image of a husky resting its head on a table

This is a classic treat of Spitz-type dogs, and it’s weird because the majority of other dog breeds have a high drive to please their owners, whereas huskies do not.

If you want a dog that will follow your every command, huskies are close to the top of the list for the worst type of dog you can get.

8. Cats In Disguise

For a breed that sheds as much as the husky, you’d be shocked at how well they keep their coats clean.

Huskies will spend a lot of time cleaning their coats, much like cats, and they also hate messes.

They still need a lot of help to maintain their coats, but it’s always funny to see a husky grooming themselves when most other breeds of dog purposefully go out of their way to get covered in mud when out on a walk.

Should You Be Concerned?

It’s completely normal for huskies to act weird, so you shouldn’t be concerned about it.

As long as you meet their exercise needs and give them lots of mental stimulation, their weird behaviors should be kept to a ‘normal’ level.

Obviously, if your husky is howling at you constantly and throwing tantrums, you need to look at how much exercise and mental stimulation they are getting, as this is likely the root of the problem.

If weird behavior persists or you become concerned, it’s always worth speaking to your veterinarian to make sure an underlying health issue isn’t to blame.

In Summary

Despite all the weird types of behavior that huskies exhibit, we still adore this breed. These behaviors make huskies so unique and a pleasure to own once you know what you’re getting into!

Does your husky have any weird traits or behaviors unique to them that weren’t covered above? Comment below – I’d love to hear about them!

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