Can Huskies Sleep Outside? (Summer, Winter, All Year?)

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Can huskies sleep outside, or is it better to let them sleep inside?

When kept as working dogs huskies often sleep outside and may even prefer to do so if the climate is right. As family pets, however, it is much more common for huskies to stay indoors.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when thinking about letting your husky sleep outside such as the outside temperature, your husky’s temperament and several other things. In this guide I’ll take you through everything there is to know about huskies sleeping outside.

Husky Double Coat And How It Affects Sleeping Outside

Huskies have double coats, which actually help to keep them cool in warm temperatures and warm in cool temperatures. A double coat is made up of two layers, a dense undercoat of short hairs and a top coat made from long guard hairs.

When it’s warm, the inner layer traps cool air against the skin keeping them cool, which means huskies can tolerate higher temperatures than you would expect. Despite this, they are still much more suited to cold temperatures and it is under these conditions that you will find them sleeping outside quite often.

Can Huskies Sleep Outside In Summer/Winter?

Huskies can sleep outside during the summer and winter in many places; it all depends on how high the temperatures reach during summer and how low they get during the winter.

If the temperature is in the correct range then your husky will be able to sleep outside just fine, but there are other factors at play.

Temperature Is The Important Factor

Temperature can vary drastically depending on where you live.

In some places, the winter months might be the same temperature as the summer in other places. This is why it is better to look at it from a temperature point of view rather than seasonal, as this can be applied in any location.

Most houses in the US have ambient temperatures around 68°F (20°C). Most huskies will be able to sleep fine in this temperature, but will likely find a cooler part of the home.

If the temperatures outside are below 50°F (10°C) your husky will (usually) find it more comfortable than inside if the ambient temperature inside is around the average of 68°F (20°C). Most domestic huskies can tolerate temperatures as low as 10oF (-12oC), although it can again vary greatly.

On the flip side, if the temperature is above 68°F (20°C) it is better to keep your husky inside where it is cooler. Some huskies can enjoy hotter temperatures, but it can be risky over extended periods of time.

Should You Let Your Husky Sleep Outside?

It’s all good knowing that your husky can tolerate the temperatures outside, but how do you know if your husky should sleep outside or not?

Here are a few pointers to help you out:

Working Huskies Vs Family Dogs

Working huskies, like those bred in Alaska for pulling sleds, are kept outside and sleep with the pack. If you plan on keeping a husky as a working dog, or if your breeder advises this, then letting it sleep outside is the most sensible option.

If you have a husky as a family pet it could be better to keep it inside during the night. Huskies are very sociable and it can be good to let them sleep inside to spend more time with the family and build a closer bond.

Some huskies may even prefer to sleep in the same room as their owners as well.

Other Dogs/Animals

If you only have one husky you may find that it won’t want to be outside and separated from the rest of the family alone.

Huskies are pack animals, after all, so it’s much easier for them to sleep outside with another husky.


Huskies have all kinds of personalities, and it’s important to consider this when thinking about letting your husky sleep outside.

Some huskies are independent, while others suffer greatly from separation anxiety if they are left alone.

Cold Tolerance

Just like personality cold tolerance can also vary greatly between individual huskies.

Working huskies that stay outside have been known to tolerate temperatures down to -75oF (-59oC), but in most cases, the limit is more like 10oF (-12oC). The best way to judge this is to let your husky lead to way; they will let you know if it is too cold or not.

A husky sleeping next to a wooden leg

Can Husky Puppies Sleep Outside?

Husky puppies should not be left to sleep outside, especially overnight, as they need time for their double coat to properly develop and to put on fat that helps to insulate against the cold.

Wait until your husky has matured until you let them sleep outside for hours at a time – small naps during the day are usually fine as long as they’re supervised.

How To Safely Let Your Husky Sleep Outside: 5 Essential Tips

If the temperature is not too cold or hot for your husky then you can consider letting them sleep outside.

Here are a few tips to make the process more straightforward and safe.

1. Let Your Husky Take The Lead

If your husky wants to sleep outside then they will let you know.

This behavior may start during cold days by howling or waiting by the door, and if you start to notice that your husky likes to sleep outside during the day you can consider letting them sleep outside during the night as well.

2. Kennel/Shelter/Dog House

A form of shelter such as a kennel or dog house is absolutely crucial if you want your husky to sleep outside, especially at night when they are unsupervised.

It will provide protection from the weather and somewhere safe for your husky to rest during the night. When huskies get wet they become much more susceptible to cold temperatures, which is why shelter is so important.

A good form of shelter should ideally be raised off the ground and be fully waterproof. It should also be fully secured and ideally have some type of heating mechanism if the temperatures outside are very cold (below 10oF for most huskies that are kept as family pets).

3. Secure The Perimeter

Huskies can be very curious, so it’s important to secure your outdoor space with a fence that they are not able to jump over or make their way through if you want to let them sleep outside.

They’re known as escape artists for a reason…

4. Dog Door

Dog doors are great options if you want to give your husky the choice of going outside. This obviously requires a secure outdoor space and shelter.

Keep in mind that dog doors can get pretty expensive, so this isn’t a solution for everybody. You may also find that you purchase a dog door only for your stubborn husky to never use it!

5. Water

This probably goes without saying, but you should provide a fresh bowl of water if your husky likes to sleep outside and doesn’t have access back inside.

Huskies drink quite a lot of water due to their active nature so this is essential.

Wrapping It Up

I would say in the majority of cases your husky should be allowed to sleep outside during the day if they choose (and if the temperature is suitable), but during the night it makes more sense for them to be inside.

The exception to this rule is if you have working huskies or if your husky genuinely prefers to be outside when sleeping. Let your husky lead the way, and if they want to be outside then make sure you follow the steps above to secure the outside area.

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