Do Huskies Cry A Lot? 6 Reasons Why They Might Cry & Tips

Huskies as a breed are known for being very, very vocal, and there are many funny viral videos of huskies howling and crying in their packs – but do huskies cry a lot, or is this just a myth?

Unfortunately, there are no two ways around it; huskies definitely cry a lot and more than the vast majority of other dog breeds. Due to their pack mentality, they do this to communicate with other dogs, but it can also happen if they are anxious or overly excited.

This guide will dive into everything there is to know about husky crying, from the reasons why they cry to when it could be a sign that something is wrong with your husky.

Let’s get into it.

A Quick Note

It’s completely normal for huskies to cry quite often, especially when they are puppies. You have nothing to worry about as long as it isn’t happening all of the time or present with any other symptoms.

You should contact your veterinarian if you’re ever concerned about your husky crying constantly.

Excessive crying can indicate something is hurting them, so always watch your husky if they are crying more than usual.

What If Your Husky Never Cries?

If your husky isn’t making noise, you should take them to the vet.

This is actually a more concerning symptom for vets to see, so don’t wait around. You can also read our guide on the reasons why this can happen.

6 Reasons Why Your Husky Is Crying

Now that’s out of the way, let’s look at the six main reasons why huskies cry and what each means.

1. Vocal Breed

Huskies are simply a vocal breed, and crying is second nature to them. They are known for howling, barking, and crying almost all of the time.

It doesn’t take much encouragement to get your husky to cry, especially if you have more than one husky in the same house.

This means there doesn’t always have to be a reason why your husky cries; they might just feel like it. A bird could fly past the window, or they could be anticipating food time, and then they may start crying.

When you combine this with how stubborn and independent huskies can be, it makes sense why they suddenly start crying every so often.

2. Communication

Aside from crying whenever they feel like it, crying for communication is the most common reason your husky will exhibit this behavior.

Huskies are pack animals, and this has developed over many years as a strong part of their personality due to their background as working sled dogs.

Several huskies joined together by a leash in a pack in the snow
Huskies use communication in their pack.

Huskies are used to working with several other huskies and sled dogs to pull sleds over long distances, which requires a lot of communication in the form of cries and howling.

You’ll notice this behavior more often if you have more than one husky – as one husky starts to cry, the other will quickly follow.

3. Separation Anxiety

Another common reason for huskies crying is separation anxiety.

This is a condition where your husky may develop anxiety if left alone for periods.

Separation anxiety can affect huskies differently depending on how well they cope with being left alone and how long they are left alone.

Some huskies may cry and start chewing furniture or other items excessively if left alone for a short period, while others can handle it better.

Huskies, as a breed, are particularly susceptible to separation anxiety for several reasons:

  • Social Nature – Huskies thrive on social interaction; they are one of the friendliest dog breeds for a reason, and a lack of socialization can make them anxious and even depressed.
  • Pack Mentality – Huskies are used to being around other dogs and people all of the time. It isn’t normal for them to be left completely on their own, even in the wild.

This is a big reason why apartment living can be challenging with huskies.

4. Excitement

Huskies are very excitable due to how much energy they have and how friendly they are.

Even the thought of going out for some exercise or getting fed in the morning is enough reason for them to start crying out in joy.

I’d encourage you to get one of your husky’s favorite treats and hold it in your hand above them.

Tell them to sit down and then wait for a few seconds. If they aren’t tired, I would bet they would start crying out shortly after.

5. Attention Seeking

Huskies are prone to seeking attention because of their nature.

One of the ways they do this is by crying out. Huskies are very intelligent, and it won’t take them long to figure out that they can get your attention by crying and making a scene.

If your husky starts behaving this way, it’s essential not to fall for it every time, as it can reinforce the behavior and lead to excess crying.

6. Tantrums

The last reason I wanted to include is tantrums.

Huskies often throw tantrums, and one of the key symptoms of your husky throwing a tantrum is excessive crying.

Many things can cause these tantrums, but they usually result from physical or emotional causes.

For example, needing the toilet or being hungry can trigger tantrums, but they may also be caused by boredom or anxiety as well.

Why Is My Husking Crying In Its Crate?

If your husky cries when you put them in their crate, it clearly indicates they are not happy being placed inside it.

To combat this, you need to make sure your husky is properly crate trained, and it’s also important to tire them out fully, mentally and physically before you put them inside so they are more relaxed.

A black and white husky in a cage

Crate training should ideally start from a young age, and once they are properly trained, it is a great way to provide your husky with a safe place to rest and feel protected.

How To Stop Your Husky Crying Excessively

Here are some tips to stop your husky crying without reinforcing the behavior.

Figure Out The Underlying Cause & Address It

Before you attempt to stop your husky from crying, finding out the underlying cause is of utmost importance.

Read through the 6 points from earlier and see if any of these relate to your husky and why they might be crying.

If your husky is excessively crying all the time, it could be due to a medical problem. Our recommendation is always to seek veterinary advice in these cases.

If your husky cries when left alone, they are suffering from separation anxiety, and this needs to be addressed, and so on.


Once any negative underlying causes are addressed, there will still be several times when your husky starts to cry if they become anxious or excited.

If it becomes a problem, the best thing to do is distract them with their favorite treat or toy, depending on which motivates them more.

It would be best if you didn’t give them the treat right away, though, as this will positively reinforce their crying, and they will assume that this is the reason why they are being rewarded.

Instead, issue a simple command like sit or lay down firmly. If they follow the command, reward them with a treat or toy.

This way, they will associate stopping crying and listening to your command with the reward rather than the crying itself, making it less likely to happen again in the future.

Regular Exercise & Mental Stimulation

Another great way to reduce the number of times your husky starts crying is to meet their mental and physical needs.

Put simply, a tired husky is much less likely to cry than one full of energy and completely bored.

Make sure your husky is getting at least two hours of exercise each day, and provide supplementary mental stimulation through obedience training, puzzle toys, and other tips in our guide here.

Give Them A Safe Space

Lastly, give your husky a safe space where they can go to relax and unwind.

Our huskies love their dog beds, but you can also use a crate if they have been trained.

If your husky starts to cry due to anxiety, they will have somewhere they can go, even if you aren’t around, where they can feel safe.

Husky Puppies And Crying

Husky puppies are more prone to crying than mature huskies because everything is new to them, and they are still learning to communicate.

Husky pups become excited quickly but can also become scared and anxious easily, so don’t worry if they are crying often – it’s perfectly normal.

A black and white husky puppy facing the camera

Husky puppies sleep most of the day, but when awake, it can be very hectic and involve lots of crying and mess.

In Summary

Crying is just one small part of owning huskies, so you better get used to it.

As long as there isn’t a negative underlying cause, then crying is not a problem, but if it starts to get excessive, you can use the tips above to deal with it.

Expect husky puppies to cry more often when awake, and if you have more than one husky, it will occur more regularly.

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