Do Huskies Need A Lot Of Attention? 8 Tips For Success

There is no denying how challenging huskies can be at times, but do huskies need a lot of attention?

Huskies need a lot of attention and are a very demanding breed. Not only do they need plenty of exercise each day, but they also require mental stimulation through obedience training or playing games.

In this article, we’ll discover exactly why huskies need a lot of attention and some easy tips for making sure their needs are met.

We’ll also look at the repercussions if they aren’t given enough attention, so let’s get straight into it.

Why Huskies Need Attention

There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question, as it is more a combination of several things:

  • Huskies are very intelligent, which means they need lots of mental stimulation.
  • Huskies are pack animals by nature, so they crave attention and spending time with other people and dogs.
  • They also have a very high demand for exercise – at least 2 hours a day – which means they can become unsettled easily with excess energy.

It isn’t that huskies are needy when it comes to attention; they enjoy being around other people and have a high energy demand to match.

This can be difficult for many people, and it’s why you need to research before getting a husky.

Do Husky Puppies Need More Attention?

You may find that husky puppies need more attention than when they are mature, but this depends on the individual and their personality.

It’s important to note that husky puppies sleep a lot more than adults, but when awake, you’ll find that they need more attention in training and keeping them out of harm’s way.

8 Easy Ways To Show Your Husky More Attention

Here are some easy tips for giving your husky more attention to make them much happier.

1. Go For Long Walks

Walking should be a regular part of your routine with your husky, but consider taking them for extra long walks every now and then to spend more time with them.

This is an excellent opportunity to practice their obedience on the leash and also supplement the attention they are getting.

2. Go Hiking

If you have hiking trails nearby, these can be great chances to take your husky for long periods of exercise in new places.

A man hugging a husky on a hike in the hills

Huskies are great hiking dogs because they have lots of energy and can keep up for hours on end; make sure you bring extra supplies so they are comfortable and stay out of hot weather.

Make sure to stop occasionally to let your husky sniff around and give them some extra fuss.

3. Take Them For Runs

If you like to run, this is a fantastic way to tire your husky out and spend some one on one time with them and give them attention.

Huskies love to run because it is natural for them to do so as sled dogs, and they will look out for your guidance during the run, which is a fantastic way of giving them more attention.

4. Play Games

Playing games like fetch or tug of war with your husky can be fun and an easy way to implement extra one-on-one time during the day.

If you can find a game that your husky especially likes, you’ll find that they will ‘ask’ you to play it with them, which is an easy way to know when they need some more attention.

5. Spend Some Time Training Them

Obedience training can be very, very challenging with huskies.

This is because they are not particularly interested in pleasing you and can be very stubborn.

However, making the effort is great for bonding and giving them extra attention.

Use positive reinforcement and start with the basics, like sit and stay. If your husky is food motivated, you can make this easier by offering their favorite treats.

6. Give Them A Puzzle Toy Or A Special Treat

Huskies love it when they get a new toy or treat, as it makes them feel special.

It’s an easy way to cheer them up and give them special treatment and attention, so consider buying your husky a new treat (see our recommendations here) or a toy.

7. Take Them In The Car

Taking your husky somewhere new in the car (if they aren’t anxious) is another way to give them extra attention.

My huskies love to spend time in the car and are always excited to see where they are going. It doesn’t have to be a particular location; any local doggy park or trail will do just fine.

8. Spend Some Time Grooming Them

Grooming your husky is the perfect opportunity to give them some well-needed attention while they are relaxed.

Huskies should be groomed daily, with more intense grooming sessions done several times weekly to maintain their double coats.

What Happens If Your Husky Doesn’t Get Enough Attention?

Giving your husky enough attention is vital for their well-being, but what happens if you don’t give them enough?

Boredom & Depression

If your husky isn’t getting enough attention, they will quickly become bored.

A husky puppy laying on a stone floor outside

Huskies are very intelligent and require mental stimulation and plenty of exercise, so boredom comes quickly if their needs aren’t met. This can lead to depression – yes, dogs can get depressed.

Boredom can quickly lead to a wide range of destructive behaviors as well.

Destructive Behaviors

Destructive behaviors include excessive chewing and howling, resulting from boredom if your husky isn’t getting enough attention and exercise.

Behaviors like these are an outlet for huskies to release pent-up energy, and if they are displaying these behaviors, it is important to understand why so you can help them.

Getting angry at your husky when they are being destructive is a bad idea as it won’t help them to learn what behaviors are correct, and in almost all cases, it isn’t their fault in the first place.

Can Getting Another Dog Help?

Getting another dog for your husky is a great idea, but it should never be done as a replacement for giving them attention.

Huskies are pack animals, so getting another dog works well as long as they are compatible.

However, if you get another dog to replace the attention you should be giving your husky, you might find yourself with two rather than one unsettled dogs.

The best types of dogs for huskies are other huskies and similar breeds like the Alaskan Malamute. Outside of that, German shepherds and labradors make great companions as well.

A Quick Note For Leaving Huskies Alone

Huskies can be left alone for periods of time, but they are prone to separation anxiety.

This condition can lead to unwanted behaviors when left alone, such as excessive howling, chewing, and scratching.

You can do several things to make the symptoms less severe, such as providing them with plenty of toys and gradually increasing the amount of time they are left alone.

You will also find that your husky is especially attention-hungry after they have been left alone.

In Summary

Huskies definitely need more attention than your average dog.

It’s important to give them lots of attention and mental stimulation to keep them happy, so consider implementing some tips in this article to keep your husky happy.

If you have any other ways that you use to give your huskies extra attention, then please let us know down below!

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