How To Stop A Husky Jumping At You (Easy Technique)

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If you want to learn how to stop a husky jumping at you, you’ve come to the right place.

If your husky jumps up at you, it can potentially injure you or your husky, and it’s a behavior that can cause problems with other people and dog owners as well. The key to stopping them from jumping up at you is to ignore them initially and then reward them once they stop trying to jump up.

Keep reading to learn the most common reasons why huskies jump up in the first place and the technique I prefer to use to train them to stop doing it.

4 Reasons Your Husky Jumps At You

It’s essential to understand why huskies jump up at you in the first place before you learn how to correct the behavior because it can be easier to stop them from jumping than to correct the behavior after they jump.

Here are the four most common reasons why your husky jumps at you.

1. Excitement

The most common reason huskies jump up at you is because they are excited to see you.

Huskies are a very friendly breed and love meeting new people. If they haven’t quite learned their manners yet, it isn’t uncommon for them to jump up at you to say hello.

If your husky has been left alone for even a small period, they will no doubt be pleased and excited to see you again, and there’s a good chance they will want to jump up at you when you come through the door.

2. Full Of Energy

Huskies have an extremely high energy drive; there’s a reason why they were used as a working breed to pull sleds for hundreds of miles and still in certain places to this day.

High-energy breeds often run and jump around without a second thought, and huskies are known for this behavior.

It isn’t uncommon for huskies to jump up at you simply because they feel like it, especially if you sit down on your sofa and they want some attention.

3. Attention Seeking

Speaking of attention seeking, this is another reason why your husky might jump at you.

Huskies don’t demand all of your attention, but they will certainly let you know when they want some.

A husky with it's paw on somebodies arm

One of the ways they will do this is by jumping up at you and licking or pretending to bite you.

4. Boredom

Your husky might also jump up at you if they are bored, which can be a byproduct of any excess energy they have.

They can get bored quickly if they aren’t given enough mental stimulation or exercise, so ensure you meet these requirements.

Addressing The Behavior

I would be lying if I said that teaching your husky not to jump up is easy.

It’s actually very difficult, and this is because huskies don’t jump up at you all the time, so it is hard to get enough practice to the point where they understand that it is unwanted behavior.

Luckily, the actual process is very easy; you need some patience to repeat it enough times for your husky to get the hang of it.

Ignore Them

If your husky jumps up at you, ignore them.

Don’t give them any praise or affection; cross your arms and turn the other way. If they run around and try to jump up again, do the same thing.

The goal here is to ignore them until they stop trying to jump up completely. Try a command such as sit if you’re having trouble getting them to stop jumping.

Reward With A Treat

When they stop trying to jump up, reward them with their favorite treat and lots of praise. If you aren’t sure about treats, my personal favorite is these Zuke’s Minis that my huskies seem to love!

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Try not to get them excited while praising them though, as you could encourage them to start jumping up again!


Now, all that’s left to do is repeat this process whenever your husky tries to jump up at you.

If you don’t have any treats nearby, you can use verbal praise after they stop jumping instead. I’ve found that treats work better, so try to use them where possible.

Involve Other People

It’s important to tell other people to practice the same method, like friends or family who see your husky often.

This is because even if your husky learns not to jump up at you, they still might be tempted to jump up at other people.

Don’t be disheartened if your husky takes a long time to get the hang of it.

Thanks to their Spitz-type personality, huskies are notoriously stubborn and difficult to train, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if they aren’t learning it quickly.

Positive Reinforcement – A Common Problem

The most common problem I see (and something I have been guilty of in the past) is reinforcing your husky jumping up at you without even realizing it.

This might sound confusing, but hear me out.

Two huskies jumping up at a woman while playing

Have you ever been out of the house for a while and been so excited to see your husky when you returned that you didn’t even notice or care that they jumped up at you to greet you?

If your husky jumps up at you in excitement, it can be easy to get carried away, and praise and hug them, but this reinforces the behavior of them jumping up at you.

In their mind, they are being rewarded with praise and positive reinforcement for jumping up, making them more likely to repeat this behavior with you and other people.

Hence, you need to address the behavior adequately, as outlined before, if you want them to stop it.

Tips For Stopping It In The Future

The most important thing to do to stop your husky from jumping up at you in the future is to keep addressing the behavior correctly when it happens.

Aside from that, meeting their exercise and mental stimulation needs will help to keep them tired out and reduce the likelihood of them jumping up at you or anybody else.

You can also prepare for times when you know they are likely to jump, like when somebody rings the door or when you come back from work, by placing treats close to these areas so you can get back to practice as soon as possible.

In Summary

Huskies are prone to jumping because they are an athletic breed that have lots and lots of energy. Combine this with how excited they get to meet new people or see you after a long day, and it’s a recipe for jumping.

Correcting this behavior is important because even though it might not be a problem for you personally, it can cause issues with other people, especially children or seniors.

Huskies can also jump over fences as well, which is another thing to watch out for. You can learn all about husky fencing requirements in our article here.

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