What are the 8 Best Dog Treats for Alaskan Malamutes?

Whether it’s to reward good behaviour or promote better dental health, giving your Alaskan Malamute treats is part of the fun that comes with owning a dog. With so many different dog treat brands available, it can be hard to find the right ones for your Mal. So, what are the best treats for Alaskan Malamutes?

We’ve got you covered with our personal recommendations that have kept our Malamutes happy and healthy throughout the years.

Table of the Best Dog Treats for Alaskan Malamutes


How to choose the right treats for your Alaskan Malamute?

To get the best treats for your Alaskan Malamute there are a few things you should look out for. Keep in mind that dog treats generally have less nutritional value than your Malamute’s regular food, unless they are specifically made to improve some aspect of their health. We’ve listed a few of the things we look out for when trying a new dog treat with our Malamutes.

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Low fat and calorie content

Alaskan Malamutes are heavily food orientated and can become very demanding when it comes to getting treats. We often see Malamutes who know exactly how to get their owners to give them treats and as a result, end up consuming far more calories than is necessary.

Don’t worry, we’ve fallen for their puppy-eyes many times ourselves and it helps to equip yourself with low-fat treat alternatives if you’re in the same situation.

Ideally, calories that come from treats should not comprise more than 10% of your Malamute’s daily calories. Feeding them more than this can eventually lead to obesity and diabetes. Higher calorie treats should be given once daily and more frequently used training treats should be as low calorie as possible.

Check where the dog treats are made

One of the best ways to determine the quality of dog treats is to check where they are made. Products made in the US or the UK will make it very clear on the front of the product itself and typically, these are higher quality products. This is because the bulk of the ingredients will not need to be imported and regulations on pet products are usually tighter in these countries.

If you’re buying meaty dog treats, you should also check whether the brand specifies what country the meat comes from. Again, brands that use meat from their own country will typically make it clear on the front of their packaging.

Purpose of the treat

We recommend buying your Alaskan Malamute three types of dog treats to keep them healthy and enrich their usual diet:

Dental chews – Dental chews should be given once daily to promote healthy teeth and gums and keep your Malamute’s breath fresh.

Training treats – Training treats are usually very small and should be used during training and play sessions to reward good behaviour.

Daily treats – Daily treats are usually more flavourful and have a little higher calorie content, they should be given once daily to reward good habits.

You may also choose to buy treats that are specifically designed to improve certain aspects of your Malamute’s life, including probiotic treats for better digestion or bedtime treats for a good night’s sleep.


What are the best dog treats for Alaskan Malamutes?

Now that we know what to look out for in the treats we give our Malamutes, it’s time to reveal our personal picks. We’ve tried to include a range of purposes for the treats to ensure you’ve got the treats you need to keep your Malamute happy in all situations.

Our price scaling is based on the cost of each treat per ounce of weight where:

$ – Treats under $0.70 per ounce

$$ – Treats between $0.70 and $1.00 per ounce

$$$ – Treats over $1.00 per ounce



Grain Free Dental Dog Treats by Whimzees – $$$


In our opinion, the Grain Free Dental Dog Treats by Whimzees are the best dental dog treats and, in general, one of the best dog treats for Alaskan Malamutes. They’re full of nutrients to keep your Mal healthy, from amino acids that promote a shiner coat to malt extract which increases their metabolism.

As suggested by the name, these treats are ideal for keeping your Mal’s teeth and gums healthy whilst maintaining fresh breath. The treats are bigger than others available to keep your Malamute occupied for longer, and to top it all off they’re also grain, gluten and GMO free.


+ Large treats are long lasting

+ Fights oral bacteria for better dental health

+ Filled with vitamins

+ Contains amino acids for a healthier coat


– More expensive than other treats



Daily Original Large Dog Treats by Greenies – $$


Greenies are known for their original dental treats and we couldn’t make this list without mentioning them. Their Original Large Dental Treats are the perfect size for Alaskan Malamutes and should be given to them once a day to promote better dental health.

What makes them particularly unique is their bendiness which helps them to clean your Mal’s teeth right down to the gum line and keep their breath extra fresh. It’s clear to see why so many dog owners love them! Greenies provide a more budget-friendly alternative to the previously mentioned ‘Whimzees’ although they are still pricier than other treats as a result of being a ‘once-daily’ treat.


+ Bendy treats clean teeth to the gum line

+ Freshens breath

+ Easy to digest

+ Packed with vitamins and nutrients


– Generally more expensive although they are a once-daily treat



Mini Naturals Training Treats by Zuke’s- $$


It should be no surprise to you that Alaskan Malamutes are heavily food orientated and so when it comes to training, treats are a necessity to reward good behaviour. The problem usually comes with high-fat treats that offer little nutritional value and quickly add on to your Malamute’s calorie intake each day.

That’s why we love the Mini Naturals Training Treats by Zuke’s which are less than 3 calories per treat. They come in a variety of flavours and are made with high quality, natural ingredients that encourage your Mal to behave well during training sessions.

With added vitamins and plenty of fibre, these treats also offer plenty of nutritional benefit to your Malamute.

These treats are very popular choice amongst owners and it’s no surprise to hear they’re one of the best dog treats for Alaskan Malamutes.


+ Less than 3 calories per treat

+ Perfect size for training

+ Corn, wheat, and soy free

+ Made with natural ingredients


– Not grain-free



Organic Bedtime Dog Biscuits by Lily’s Kitchen – $


For Non-UK alternative, click here.

As owners of Alaskan Malamutes, we’ve all had those nights where they just don’t want to settle. It may seem counter-intuitive but giving them treats could actually help them to get to sleep. We particularly like the Organic Bedtime Biscuits by Lily’s kitchen which are made with chamomile to promote a better night’s sleep for your Malamute.

They’re packed full of vitamins and have added yoghurt and honey to soothe your Mal’s stomach and aid digestion.


+ Chamomile promotes better sleep

+ Good for teeth

+ Low fat and aids digestion

+ Vitamin enriched


– Not grain-free



Real Meat Dog Treats Burger Bites by Rachael Ray Nutrish – $


Those of you in the US are bound to have heard of Rachael Ray’s dog treat line, Nutrish. Available in 11 scrumptious flavours, these bites are made with USA raised meat and no artificial flavours or meat by-products. Each treat is inspired by one of Rachel Ray’s own home recipes and the care that goes into making them is clear with how much our Malamutes adore them.

If you need any more reason to purchase these treats, a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to The Rachael Ray Foundation which provides food, medical supplies and treatments to animals in need.


+ Eleven tasty flavours to try

+ No artificial flavours or meat by-products

+ USA raised meat

+ Each purchase contributes towards charity


– USA exclusive

– Not ideal for Malamutes with a sensitive stomach



Easy Treat by KONG – $$$


The most unique treat on this list is the Easy Treat by KONG. Originally designed to be used with their stuffable treat toys, the Easy Treat is a tasty paste that comes in a dispenser can. There are several flavours available including a puppy-safe recipe that’s suitable for Malamutes over 8 weeks old.

We personally use this to cover our Malamute’s toys to keep them occupied for longer, but they certainly don’t oppose to being fed it directly! Be warned though, it can be difficult to clean off soft surfaces so we suggest using it outdoors or on easily cleaned hard surfaces.

Check out our review of the KONG stuffable treat toy in our countdown of The Best Toys to Keep Alaskan Malamutes Busy.


+ Puppy-safe version available

+ Several tasty flavours

+ Unique texture

+ Easy to dispense into treat-toys


– Can be difficult to clean up

– Expensive



Natural Duck Training Treats by PET MUNCHIES – $$


The Natural Duck Training Treats by PET MUNCHIES are a low-fat treat made with 100% quality human grade duck breast meat. They’re gluten, soya and wheat free making them one of the best dog treats for Alaskan Malamutes with a sensitive stomach or allergies.

These treats are a little smaller than others that are available which makes them perfect for training as the calories are less likely to build up. Their small size also makes them suitable for stuffable treat-toys.


+ Wheat, soya and gluten free

+ 100% natural ingredients

+ Small chunks make them perfect for training

+ Only 1.5% fat


– Slower shipping in the US


Final Thoughts

Using our recommendations, you’ll be able to give the best treats to your Alaskan Malamute for all situations. Remember that treats should be given as part of a balanced diet and you should always follow the recommended serving sizes on the product itself.

If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this article, leave a comment below or contact us here.

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