The 8 Best Toys to Keep an Alaskan Malamute Busy 2023

Alaskan Malamutes are known for their energy and intelligence but sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do to calm them down. That’s why we’ve compiled our top 8 favourite toys to keep an Alaskan Malamute busy so you can have the peace of mind knowing they’re getting the fun they need without having to spend every moment dealing with them.

If you’re looking for advice on keeping an Alaskan Malamute calm, you find our tips here.

Table of the 8 Best Toys to Keep an Alaskan Malamute Busy


1. XXL Extreme Dog Toy by KONG – $$$


There’s no denying that KONG are currently dominating the dog-toy industry, and it’s for good reason! Their high quality toys have a reputation for putting up a fight with even the most aggressive chewers.

For our Malamutes, we personally love the XXL Extreme Dog Toy which can be stuffed with dog treats to motivate them to play with it. We recommend using it with peanut butter to keep your Mals engaged for as long as possible. The toy is by far one of the most durable we’ve ever tried but keep in mind that it’s certainly not indestructible, and Malamutes that are known to be particularly destructive are still likely to find a way to get through it.


+ Treats can be put inside

+ Extremely durable rubber

+ Dishwasher safe

+ Can be frozen for added entertainment


– Persistent chewers are likely to break it eventually

– Dark colour is not very visible


2. Flavour Infused BarkBone by Pet Qwerks – $


There’s no denying that Malamutes love food, so what better way to treat them than to give them a toy that’s infused with a bacon flavour. Made in the USA, the Infused BarkBone by Pet Qwerks is a delicious treat that’s bound to keep your Malamute busy for hours on end.

The bone is designed to be purposefully chewable to give your Mal a more satisfying experience and promote better dental health. The bone is also dishwasher safe in case it ever needs a quick refresh.


+ Bacon or BBQ flavour to encourage playtime

+ Extremely durable rubber

+ Non-toxic and dishwasher safe

+ Promotes better dental health


– Not all Malamutes will like the flavour


3. Snuffle Mat for Dogs by AWOOF – $$


The Snuffle Mat for Dogs by AWOOF is one of the best toys to keep an Alaskan Malamute busy and to themselves. The design of the mat means you can hide little treats and kibble that are difficult to find and requires your Malamute to sniff and search them out. This kind of ‘sniffing training’ is beneficial to your Mal’s mental health and is proven to be more enriching for them than other toys.

The non-slip padding on the bottom prevents it from sliding around the floor whilst they’re using it, and the mat can be folded in a bowl to be used as a slow feeder.

You can read more about our slow feeder bowl recommendations here.


+ Non-slip grip stops it sliding around

+ Promotes non-destructive behaviour

+ Can be machine-washed

+ Can be folded into a bowl


– Some Malamutes may not be interested in the effort required


4. Dental Chew Dog Toy by Arm & Hammer – $


It’s not often you see a dog toy that’s made by one of the leading brands in the dental industry but that’s exactly what the Dental Chew Dog Toy by Arm & Hammer is. With a fun gorilla shape, this toy is infused with baking soda to freshen your Malamute’s breath and reduce plaque build-up.

The toy is very durable but as with all chew toys, keep in mind that particularly aggressive chewers are still likely to find a way into it. The toy can also be stuffed with treats to keep them occupied for longer and encourage them to chew it.


+ Freshens smelly dog breath

+ Infused with baking soda to improve dental health

+ Very durable rubber

+ Can be stuffed with treats


– Particularly stubborn Mals may be able to eventually break the head off


5. Stuffingless Squeaky Dog Toy by Outward Hound – $


The Stuffingless Squeaky Dog Toy by Outward Hound is exactly what it sounds likes – a dog toy without any stuffing that’s packed with squeakers. We love this for our Malamutes as we’ve wasted a lot of money over the years on cuddly stuffed toys that end up destroyed and in a huge mess within minutes.

The squeakers within are extra durable and continue to work even if they punctured, and the extra tough material makes it strong enough for your Malamutes to tug around. We recommend buying either the XL or XXL size for your Malamute for them to get the most out of it and to withstand any rough play.


+ Squeakers are still usable even if punctured

+ No stuffing means no mess

+ Strong enough to play tug-of-war

+ XL and XXL sizes available


– Extreme chewers may find a way through it eventually


6. Large Kick Fetch Ball by Chuckit! – $$


If we need to burn a lot of our Malamute’s energy then we always turn to the Large Kick Fetch Ball by Chuckit. The ball has a unique shape that withstands being kicked and thrown around in all weathers and gives it a random bounce pattern to keep fetch a fun game for your Mal. The ball is also waterproof making it perfect for Malamute’s who love to go for a swim.

The design of the ball makes it very easy for your Mal to pick up and run with and the bright neon colours keep it visible in all environments.


+ Unique shape makes it easy for your Malamute to pick up

+ Floats in water

+ Shape gives it a fun and random bounce pattern

+ Very durable for aggressive players


– The material will get worn over time


7. Dog Rope Toy for Aggressive Chewers by BLUEISLAND – $$


No dog toy collection is complete with a rope toy and our personal recommendation is the Dog Rope Toy for Aggressive Chewers by BLUEISLAND. This toy is possibly the most durable toy you could ever give your Malamute and ours have survived years of rough play with them

The rope is made from 100% natural cotton fibres that are washable and safe to be chewed. The length is 3 feet long making it the ideal size for an Alaskan Malamute, and BLUEISLAND claim they will replace the rope if it does eventually get damaged.


+ Made from 100% natural washable cotton

+ Extremely durable compared to other similar toys

+ Replacement guarantee if it breaks

+ Big enough for Malamutes to use


– Can have a chemical smell, although our Mals didn’t seem to mind


8. Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado by Outward Hound – $$


Similar to the previously mentioned snuffle mat, the Dog Tornado by Outward Hound with Nina Ottosson is one of the best toys to keep an Alaskan Malamute busy in their own time. The toy is made up of stacked, rotating levels that hide and reveal treat compartments as your Mal plays with it.

The difficulty of the toy can be made harder or easier as required and of course, treats and kibble should be used to encourage your Malamute to play with it.

Whilst we do love this toy and have had a lot of success with it, we must note that dogs who play particularly aggressively are likely to take it apart without even trying to play in the first place.


+ Prevents boredom in your Malamutes

+ Can be filled with treats

+ Has different levels of difficulty

+ Easy to clean


– Not durable for aggressive chewers


Final Thoughts

Making sure your Malamute doesn’t get bored shouldn’t have to be a chore. Using our recommended dog toys you should have your Malamute feeling entertained and occupied throughout the day, without you needing to play with them 24/7.

If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this article, or about other toys to keep an Alaskan Malamute busy, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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