What Do Huskies Eat In The Wild? (Shocking Truth)

Finding huskies in the wild is highly unlikely as they are a domesticated breed that are kept either as pets or as working dogs.

If a husky were to find itself in the wild it would likely hunt small prey and scavenge for food in trash left by humans. Compared to other breeds, a husky would have a higher chance of survival in the wild than most due to their stamina and prey drive.

In order to understand why this scenario is unlikely it’s crucial to understand where huskies originate from and what they are bred to do.

Husky Origins

Siberian huskies originate from the Chukchi people in northern Siberia, where they were used to pull sleds and hunt.

The husky was first thought to be bred in the 1800s by the Chukchi people, however, the lineage of the breed is thought to extend back for thousands of years. In the early 20th century, huskies were brought across to Alaska to serve as working dogs.

Huskies are not related to wolves despite what many people believe. This is also likely where the confusion stems about huskies living in the wild as well since wolves do obviously live in the wild and have a similar appearance.

How This Affects Their Diet

Since huskies are domesticated it’s hard to know exactly what they would eat in the wild as they are not wild animals. It makes sense, then, to rephrase the question ‘what do huskies eat in the wild’ to ‘what would huskies eat in the wild’.

For the sake of this article, we’ll assume that a husky has found itself in this situation for whatever reason and use the basic principles of the breed to determine what they would eat. We’ll also assume that this has happened in their natural habitat of Alaska or Siberia.

  • Higher Food Requirement – Huskies in the wild would have a much higher demand for calories due to the energy in located possibly hunting for food. We also know that huskies have a very high energy demand normally, so it’s safe to assume that they would travel miles every day in the wild looking for food.
  • Hunt Prey – Huskies have a high prey drive by nature, so it is only fair to assume that they would hunt smaller animals for a source of food such as hares or rodents.
  • Eat Vegetation/Wild Fruits For FiberHuskies are known to eat grass when kept as pets, so it wouldn’t be surprising to find them eating grass or other vegetation in the wild to supplement their diet.

Types Of Food A Wild Husky Would (Probably) Eat

Here’s a list of things that a husky would probably eat if it were in the wild.

This list is based on husky behavior that we know a lot about, such as prey drive and how social they can be.

Small Prey

Small prey such as hares or rats would become a staple of a wild huskies diet, as they have a high prey drive for smaller animals.

Siberian huskies were also used for hunting during the summer by the Chukchi people, so it’s almost a guarantee that this behavior would continue if they were in the wild.


Alaska is known for its abundance of salmon, and Siberian people are known to feed on salmon (or Siberian giant trout) as well.

It would be fair to assume that huskies would pick up on this abundant food source and hunt for them, especially considering that it would require less work than hunting small prey like hares.


As I mentioned before huskies tend to eat grass, so it would come as no surprise if a wild husky were to feed on grass and other vegetation.

This would also provide a source of fiber that would be essential for digestion.

Scavenge For Trash/Leftovers

Huskies are quite intelligent and highly sociable. Even if a husky were to find itself in the wild, there’s no doubt that it would find a nearby town or village to live near.

This would provide another source of food in the form of scavenging through trash, and also provide a chance for socialisation.

Why It Is So Rare For A Husky To Be Found In The Wild

Huskies are domesticated animals and have been for a long time.

They are often confused for wolves, which are found in the wild, despite the fact that they are different entirely. In reality, a husky would only be found in the wild if it was lost or abandoned, and it would not take much time for it to be found and rehomed.


How Do Huskies Survive In The Wild?

A husky would survive in the wild by hunting for food and likely living near humans to look through trash for food.

Due to their thick coats, they would be able to withstand cold temperatures quite easily, so having a constant supply of food would be much more important.

Can A Husky Live In The Wild?

A husky would have a better chance of survival than most other breeds in the wild, but it really depends on the individual and the location.

In their natural habitat of Alaska and Siberia, the weather would not be an issue, and food sources such as fish or small prey would not be hard to find. It all depends on how quickly they adapt and if they are fortunate enough to live near humans.

What Do Huskies Eat Normally?

Dry food or a raw diet are the most common types of diet for huskies as pets.

You can find more information about this in our guide.

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