How Long Are Huskies Pregnant? (Crucial Factors & Symptoms)

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Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your husky, but how long are huskies pregnant?

When you learn they are pregnant, you are excitedly waiting for their due date. Huskies are typically pregnant for about 63 days, with gestation ranging from 62-65 days. 

Stages Of Husky Pregnancy

Once your husky is pregnant, you can track the progress of the pregnancy by understanding the stages of pregnancy. We’ll take a look at what’s happening inside your husky’s body, and what you can do to support her through each stage.

Day 1-16: Embryos Travel To Uterine Horns

During this time, the fertilized eggs become embryos. They travel to the uterine horns and embed in the uterine tissue at around 16 days.

You don’t need to change any of the care you provide for your pregnant husky during this stage.

Day 17-30: Fetal Development

The fetuses will begin to take their shape around day 22. By 30 days, your vet will be able to detect the puppy’s heartbeats.

Your female may have a slightly larger appetite during this stage. Weight should stay the same or increase slightly.

Day 31-45: Rapid Development

This is when development ramps up. The puppies will grow eyelids, toes, claws, and develop their gender during this stage. They will also form their skeleton and coat.

It’s time for a vet visit to confirm the pregnancy during this stage. An ultrasound can monitor the development of the puppies.

You’ll need to reduce intense exercise and avoid rough play. Your vet may also recommend that you switch your female to a puppy formula to support the development of the puppies. They may also recommend dietary supplements. Expect her to eat more during this time.

Day 46-57: Big Gains

During this stage, both mother and puppies will put on a significant amount of weight. She is now “showing”, which means she’s sporting a clearly pregnant belly.

The puppies’ skeletons are formed, so an x-ray can reveal how many puppies she has. It’s important to note that determining litter size through x-rays or ultrasound is not always completely accurate.

If you haven’t changed her diet to a puppy formula yet, do so now. She will likely begin to eat smaller meals throughout the day during this period and may have a reduction in appetite.

You’ll also need to prepare the whelping area during this stage.

Day 58-65: Preparing For Birth

This is the final stage of pregnancy. Puppy development is nearly complete.

The puppies will move into the whelping position around day 58. They will make their way into the birth canal over the next few days.

Expect your expectant mother to begin nesting, hopefully in the whelping area you’ve prepared for her. If you notice that she is lactating, you can expect to greet your puppies within a week.

Allow mom to get plenty of rest during this time. Restrict any strenuous activities. Avoid stress when possible.

You can monitor her by taking her body temperature. The normal rectal temperature for a dog is 100.5 to 102 degrees. Once you know her baseline temperature, keep an eye out for drops.

If her temperature drops 1.8 to 2 degrees, labor should start within 24 hours.

What Factors Affect How Long Huskies Are Pregnant?

There are a few factors that influence the length of a husky’s pregnancy. These include the time of conception and litter size.

Mating vs. Conception

We tend to think that mating immediately leads to conception, but this isn’t always the case. Sperm can live inside the female for a few days, and her egg will remain fertile for 48 hours, according to the AKC.

This means it’s possible for conception, or fertilization of the egg, to occur as much as two to three days after the act of mating.

A black and white Siberian husky in a field

Only 40% of dogs conceive during the first breeding, which further complicates determining the due date. If multiple matings occur, conception could happen after any of the breeding sessions.

Hormonal testing can give you a much narrower window of conception, and when you can expect her to whelp.

Breed And Litter Size

The size of the breed, and the size of their litter, also affect the length of pregnancy. Huskies are medium to large dogs, so they have a slightly longer gestation period than small breeds.

The size of the litter also has an impact. In large breeds, litters of 5 or more puppies typically gave birth one day sooner than mothers carrying smaller litters.

Key Symptoms Of Husky Pregnancy

The best way to know for sure if your husky is pregnant is with diagnostic testing. Your vet can perform palpitation, ultrasound, x-rays, or a hormone test to confirm the pregnancy.

However, there are signs that you will notice if you have a pregnant pooch.

Signs of pregnancy include:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Weight gain
  • Changes in belly and nipple size
  • Behavioral Changes 

Changes In appetite

Your husky may initially have a decreased appetite, and even nausea, due to hormonal changes.

They will need to increase their food intake significantly around 6 weeks into pregnancy. When they get close to their due date, their appetite may decrease again.

Weight Gain

She may gain a slight amount of weight during the first 6 weeks of pregnancy. From weeks 6 to 9, you can expect her to gain weight quickly.

Changes In Belly And Nipple Size

At 5 to 6 weeks, you’ll notice your pooch’s stomach getting larger and rounder.

Their nipples also begin to grow and darken during this time. They may also lose the hair around their nipples because this makes it easier for puppies to nurse.

Behavioral Changes

Your pregnant husky will experience behavioral changes during pregnancy. They may become irritable, or more affectionate. Their moods may fluctuate between the two.

They will also tire more easily, particularly as the pregnancy progresses. During the last stage of pregnancy, they will begin nesting. This is a natural instinct, and also occurs in human mothers.

Your husky may gather blankets or laundry, arrange pillows, or other activities to prepare her area for puppies.

Final Thoughts

Huskies are typically pregnant for 63 days from the date of conception, with gestation ranging from 58-65 days.

You can support your husky through her pregnancy by providing an adequate diet and a safe space to have her pups. Veterinary care during gestation is also very important.

The weeks will fly by, and you’ll be greeting your new additions sooner than you think!

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