Do Huskies Like To Cuddle? (It Depends!)

Huskies have a lot of ways of showing affection, but do huskies like to cuddle often or are they more independent?

Huskies are an affectionate breed, and most of them enjoy cuddles. However, they are independent and energetic, so cuddling isn’t always on their to-do list. 

If you’re wondering why your husky loves to cuddle, you’re in the right place. You’ll also learn why some huskies don’t like to cuddle, and how you can get your husky to cuddle more often.

5 Reasons Why Huskies Do Like To Cuddle

Does your husky love to cuddle? Have you ever wondered why?

There are 5 reasons why huskies love cuddle time:

  1. Affection 
  2. Recognizes you as the alpha
  3. Needing comfort 
  4. Bonding
  5. Enjoys your smell

1. Affection

The most common reason your husky wants to cuddle with you is because they love you, and want to show you their affection. Of course, dogs don’t always show their love in the same way humans do, but both species enjoy cuddling.

Dogs will also cuddle each other by rubbing against each other or lying down together.

Why do they cuddle as a way of showing affection? Cuddling releases the hormone oxytocin in both dogs and humans. When you and your pooch cuddle, or look into each others eyes, oxytocin is released.

This is known as the love hormone. It’s released when we look at or cuddle with someone we love. It’s produced in high amounts when we fall in love, and when we give birth to a baby.

2. Recognizes You As The Alpha

Huskies have a strong pack mentality. Ideally, they see you as the alpha of their “pack”. They may cuddle with you as a way of saying you are the boss.

You may also see them roll over on their back, exposing their stomach. This is submissive behavior, and it shows they trust you. Of course, it can also mean they want a belly rub.

3. Needing Comfort

When humans are upset or in pain, physical contact makes us feel better. Dogs also have this instinct. If they are sad, scared, or anxious, they may cuddle you because you give them a sense of security.

They may also want to cuddle if they aren’t feeling well. If your husky doesn’t normally like to cuddle, and they are suddenly very cuddly or clingy, this may be the reason why.

4. Bonding

Your husky also likes to cuddle up with you because it strengthens the bond you two share.

Oxytocin is known as the love hormone, but it does more than make you feel warm and fuzzy. It also helps you and your husky develop a closer bond with each other.

Huskies are highly social and will develop a close bond with their family.

It’s no surprise, given their origins. Huskies originated as companions of the Chukchi tribe in Siberia. They would live and work alongside the tribe and often slept in the same quarters as well. They weren’t simply domesticated, they became members of the tribe.

If your husky is new to your household, this bonding is particularly important. However, no matter how close you are, bonding is a great thing.

5. Smell

Dogs are very scent oriented, but your scent is one of their favorites. In fact, according to PetMD, recent research has revealed that when your pooch smells your smell, the pleasure center in their brain activates.

Despite dogs’ love for sniffing each other, this area was only activated when the pooches smelled humans within their household.

So, your dog loves to cuddle you because they love the way you smell. It brings them pleasure and comfort.

5 Reasons Why Huskies Don’t Like To Cuddle

Now you know why huskies love to cuddle, but what if your husky isn’t the cuddly type?

Here are 5 reasons why your husky might not like to cuddle:

  1. It has to Be On Their Terms 
  2. Little Affection or Abuse in Past 
  3. Age 
  4. Natural Temperament
  5. Health Problem or Injury 

1. Has to Be On Their Terms

Huskies are affectionate, but they are also very independent. If they don’t want to cuddle with you, there’s a good chance it’s because it wasn’t their idea.

If your husky rejects your cuddle requests, but comes to you for cuddles at times, this is probably the reason why they don’t always want to cuddle.

2. Little Affection or Abuse in Past

Just like us, huskies early experiences will shape the way they view the world and their behavior. If their previous owner wasn’t affectionate, they may not be comfortable with cuddling.

If they were abused by a previous owner, this can make them very standoffish. However, their owner’s general lack of affection can also put them off cuddles.

If you got your husky when they were out of the puppy stage, this may be the reason why they aren’t a fan of cuddle time. This is particularly true if you adopted them from a shelter.

3. Age and Energy Level

Huskies are highly energetic and need about 2 hours of exercise daily.

Their high energy levels can make it difficult for them to be still long enough for cuddles.

Some huskies are more active than others as well. If your pooch is always going, this is the reason they don’t want to cuddle. It’s nothing personal, they just don’t want to settle down.

This typically improves with age. Huskies sometimes mellow out a bit at 6 months to 1 year old. Once they reach 2 or 3, they are out of the puppy stage, and their puppy energy should dissipate.

Of course, they will be high energy for their entire lives, but they will learn to relax as they get older.

4. Natural Temperament

Just like humans, each husky has their own personality and preferences. Some are naturally more cuddly than others.

You should know that your husky not liking to cuddle doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Huskies with this type of personality usually prefer to be near their owners, rather than cuddled up with them.

5. Health Problem or Injury

If your husky suddenly stops wanting to cuddle, they may have a health condition or injury.

Being ill or injured can make your husky want to cuddle, but it can also make them want to be alone.

They may avoid cuddling because they don’t want you touching their injury, or simply because they are trying to hide the fact that there’s something wrong.

Is It Bad If Your Husky Doesn’t Want To Cuddle?

No, it’s not bad if your husky doesn’t want to cuddle. If they don’t want to cuddle because of their personality, age or energy level, or simply because they want to cuddle on their terms, there’s nothing wrong with that.

In some cases, there’s a concerning reason why they don’t want to cuddle, like an injury or past abuse. In these situations, your husky simply needs help from you to feel better.

Can You Make Them More Cuddly?

Yes, there are a few things you can do to make your husky want to cuddle – it just takes plenty of patience. 

Don’t Force It

When we want to cuddle, it’s tempting to grab our pooches and cuddle them, without considering how they feel about it. However, this can actually make your husky want to cuddle you even less.

Think of them like a teenage child. You may want to give them a hug, but hugging them when they don’t want it will simply make them standoffish.

A woman cuddling a Siberian husky puppy

Instead of initiating cuddles, wait for your pooch to come to you.

Make Them Want it

This is an extension of not forcing it. Cuddle them when they want to, but break off the cuddle session first.

You’ll find that when you stop cuddling, this will make them want more cuddles.

However, you should be careful not to take this too far. You don’t want to reject their requests for cuddles or attention, because this negative reinforcement can cause them to cuddle less.

Instead, you’ll want to leave them wanting a little more.

Positive Reinforcement

Bribing your husky to cuddle with you might not be the most appealing idea, but it can help to get your husky interested in cuddling.

Just as you train them to sit or stay with treats or other positive reinforcement, you can use rewards to encourage cuddles.

Give them a hug or a quick cuddle, and then a treat.

This will help them make a positive association with cuddling.

If your husky doesn’t want to cuddle because of their past experiences, this is a great way to get them comfortable with the idea.

Other Ways Huskies Show Affection

Huskies show their affection in many ways. Physical contact is one of their favorite ways. In addition to cuddling, they may put their paw on you or lick you.

Sharing eye contact is another common sign. In addition to eye contact, if they pay close attention to you, they love you.

They may spend a lot of time near you, or get excited when they see you.

Huskies love to play, and initiating a play session is another sign you are your pooch’s favorite person.


Do huskies like to be talked to?

Yes, huskies love attention, including being talked to.

In fact, if you say simple phrases often enough, they may talk back to you.

Are huskies one-person dogs?

No, huskies aren’t one-person dogs. They may love their owner the most, but they will also be affectionate with everyone in their family.

They love all the members of their pack.

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