Simple Ways To Raise Your Malamute The Right Way: A Guide For New Owners

For new puppy owners, buying a dog is a huge responsibility, particularly if you choose a noble working breed like the Alaskan Malamute.

The Malamute is a working dog breed that has a variety of different functions, ranging from sledge pulling to racing. These dogs are high-energy and very loyal, but they need a lot of stimulation and care to make sure they grow into well-rounded dogs that will make a great companion for you and your family.

For first-time dog owners, these aren’t the best choice of breed, but if you’re an experienced dog owner looking for a loyal and hardy companion, then a Malamute could be a great addition to your pack.

It’s important that you start as you mean to go on and build good habits from the moment you bring your Malamute puppy home. To help, here are some tips on how to raise your Alaskan Malamute the right way.

Start Socialization Early

Malamutes are large, powerful dogs, so proper socialization from an early age is crucial to ensure they don’t develop reactivity and other issues.

As such, you need to expose your puppy to different people, sounds, sights, and experiences in a positive way to help them grow into a well-adjusted adult dog. It’s important to make sure you don’t over-do it and that you make sure your dog is given proper attention and removed from the situation if they become frightened.

Make An Exercise Regime

Being a working dog breed, Malamutes are built for endurance and need plenty of daily exercise, so you need to have a plan from the start to keep them occupied. They thrive on activities like hiking, running, and pulling.

Providing enough physical and mental stimulation will prevent destructive behaviors, so it’s an important part of owning a Malamute. If you’re a couch potato, this might not be the dog for you!

Make sure that you have a plan from the start and consider starting dog sports with your Malamute to ensure they get enough stimulation and socialization, as well as exercise.

Give Them A Natural Diet

As Malamutes are a working breed with high energy needs, they require a natural diet that will help them grow into strong, active dogs.

Choose a natural raw dog food to engage their gnawing instincts and give them all the nutrients they need without any additives. You’ll then set them up for a healthy life and reduce the chances of digestive issues and other health problems as they age.

Take Them To Training Classes

One of the main reasons why Malamutes are not well-suited to first-time dog owners is their high training needs. As they grow into large dogs, and tend to be intelligent but also stubborn, you need to start training your Malamute puppy as early as possible.

Use positive reinforcement techniques and be consistent. Focus on basic obedience commands like sit, stay, come, and heel to begin with, as well as a strong leave it command, to ensure they’re safe from anything they might decide to get into!

Learn Proper Malamute Grooming Techniques

With their thick double coat, Malamutes require regular grooming to make sure they’re in top condition. If you don’t groom your dog, then this could lead to matting and other issues.

While you can use professional grooming services, it’s recommended that you do a lot of grooming yourself at home and that you start from a young age to ensure that your dog feels comfortable around grooming utensils. Find the best grooming gear for your Malamute and get to work teaching them how fun it can be to enjoy a pamper session!

Find The Right Vet

Regular veterinary care is essential for Alaskan Malamutes, as these large dogs are prone to a variety of health problems, which need to be treated. While they’re generally healthy, hardy dogs, their large size means that any accidents could cause major health issues, and hereditary problems could mean a lot of pain and problems for your dog.

So, you need to make sure that you find a vet with experience working with Malamutes and that you work with them to give your dog regular check-ups before any minor health problems become major concerns.

A Quick Summary

Overall, it’s important to remember that while Alaskan Malamutes as a breed share many traits, but each dog is an individual.

You need to make sure you’re aware of their needs and personality and that you adapt accordingly. These tips should help you to make the right choices when raising your Malamute to ensure they get the best possible start in life.

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