What Are the 10 Best Winter Boots for Dog Walking in 2023?

One of the greatest benefits of adopting a dog is that it forces you to exercise more. The vast majority of dogs need walking at least once daily to tame their energy levels, with some breeds requiring upwards of 10 miles a week. For those of us living in colder climates, this can pose a problem when winter comes around and our dogs are still happy to walk but we’re left with freezing and damp feet. Don’t worry though, as owners of Alaskan Malamutes we’ve spent many years looking for the perfect pair of winter boots that will keep our feet warm and dry on even the longest walks. Keep reading for our tried and tested recommendations for the best boots for dog walking.


Table of the Best Winter Boots for Dog Walking


How to Choose the Best Winter Boots for Dog Walking

Our dogs might not care about the cold and wet conditions but our feet certainly do! When choosing the right pair of winter boots for dog walking there are a few things we recommend you look out for. Here are some of the criteria we use to assess whether a new pair of footwear is worth our money.


Undoubtedly one of the most important things to consider when looking for any pair of winter boots is insulation, but this is particularly true for those of you who frequently go on long dog walks in cold weather. Your feet are one of the primary sources for heat loss so having proper insulation will ensure you remain comfortable throughout your walk. Boot insulation is usually measured in grams with a higher number resulting in warmer feet, although some brands may have their own patented insulation. We recommend finding a good balance where the insulation is enough to keep you warm but not so high that breathability is compromised.


It should go without saying that if you live in an area prone to cold, icy weather then you’re going to need a pair of boots that have a good grip. This is particularly true for those of you with dogs who like to pull – we’ve fallen victim to our dogs pulling us over on the ice too many times! Many winter-specific boots will have a specially designed sole to maintain grip as much as possible and will often have added height to improve stability when walking in mud or snow.


Whilst our dogs might not mind wet weather, we are sure you’ll agree that there are few things in life more uncomfortable than soggy toes. Not only can it make walking feel like a chore, but having damp feet will also lead to you losing heat quicker leading to an even more unpleasant experience. Finding waterproof boots should be one of your priorities to ensure you are well equipped for any downpours or damp terrain.


Our Top 4 Recommendations for the Best Winter Boots for Dog Walking

To help inform your decision on what pair of winter boots to buy, we’ve included some more detail on our top 2 recommendations for both men and women.

1. Toundra Pro CSWP Walking Boots by SALOMON – $$$

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For: Men

Insulation: AeroGel

Our first choice for the best men’s winter boots for dog walking are the Toundra Pro CSWP Walking Boots by SALOMON. Regardless of the weather conditions, from heavy rain to deep snow, these boots are sure to keep your feet dry and warm. In fact, SALOMON claim these boots are suitable to wear in temperatures as low as -40F/-40C.

Not only do these boots offer protection against even the most extreme weather conditions, they’re also guaranteed to be some of the comfiest boots you’ll ever buy.

The added grip makes these boots perfect for those of you with dogs that particularly like to pull or those of you who frequently walk muddy trails. With unique, lightweight AeroGel insulation that reduces the bulk of the boot and a gusseted tongue that prevents unwanted debris from getting in, these boots are undeniably some of the best out there for dog walking.


+ AeroGel insulations reduce the bulk without sacrificing comfort

+ Gusseted tongue prevents debris from entering the shoe

+ Offers resistance in extreme conditions (up to -40F/40C)

+ Extreme waterproof properties


– Sizes may run small


2. Men’s Thermo Chill Mid Waterproof Snow Boots by Merrell – $$

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For: Men

Insulation: 200g Low Bulk

For those of you who prefer a mid-height boot, the Men’s Thermo Chill Waterproof Snow Boots by Merrell are undeniably a worthy investment. The first thing that caught our eyes was the deep tread that covers the entire sole of the boot, making it perfect for walks in icy and snowy conditions.

These boots have a breathable membrane that prevents a build-up of moisture but still offer excellent waterproof protection so there’s no need to worry about being pulled through puddles by your dog. They also include 200g lightweight, low bulk insulation that will keep your toes warm without making your feet feel unnecessarily heavy.

Unique to other brands, Merrell has included antimicrobial agents within their boots that reduce odours to ensure that the only bad smell made from your walk is that of a wet dog. Whilst this may seem like a trivial addition, keeping your boots free from bacteria is a good way to keep your feet healthy during long walks.


+ Impermeable membrane keeps water out whilst remaining breathable

+ Contains antimicrobial agents to reduce odour

+ 200g low bulk insulation to keep feet warm and comfortable

+ 5mm lug depth to improve grip and provide traction


– May be uncomfortable for wide footed people


3. Women’s Revel 4 High Polar Waterproof Snow Boot by KEEN – $$

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For: Women

Insulation: 400g KEEN Warm

Our number one choice for the best women’s winter boots for dog walking are the Revel 4 High Polar Waterproof Snow Boots by KEEN. Not only do these boots look good but also provide excellent resistance to cold weather conditions and are rated to be suitable for temperatures as low as -40F/-40C.

The exterior of these boots are made from oiled full-grain leather that greatly improves their durability and the interior includes a probiotic-based Eco Anti-Odour technology that prevents any odours from lingering.

Unlike many other boots designed for women, the grip on the sole of the boots has not been compromised for the sake of appearance. With 5mm multi-directional lugs, these boots are certain to provide the traction you need to get you through even the thickest mud or snow with your eager dog pulling you along. We are yet to find another pair of winter walking boots that can keep up with our dogs through even the most uncomfortable weather conditions.


+ Made with oiled full-grain leather for improved durability

+ Removable insole with arch support for comfort

+ 5mm lug depth for improved grip on snow and ice

+ Insulation is rated to -40F/-40C


– Cleaning boots may result in slight discolouration over time


4. Women’s Thermo Kiruna Mid Shell WP Snow Boot by Merrell – $$

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For: Women

Insulation: 200g Low Bulk

Merrell is undeniably one of the best brands for producing high quality, weather-resistant boots and so it’s no surprise that their Women’s Thermo Kiruna Snow Boots are on our list. Available in three colours, these boots are certain to keep your feet warm and dry on even the longest of walks.

Their 200g low bulk insulation is particularly focused over the toe region to prevent you from losing unnecessary heat and keep you feeling comfortable in low temperatures. The interior has a conductor fleece lining for added warmth and the insole is specially designed to reflect body heat back towards the foot. If you are known to suffer from cold feet then these are definitely the boot for you.


+ Impermeable membrane keeps water out whilst remaining breathable

+ Conductor fleece lining for added warmth

+ Three available colours

+ Insole radiates body heat back towards the foot


-Sizing may run large so be sure to check the provided size guide


Final Thoughts

Our recommendations for the best winter dog walking boots are sure to keep your feet happy, dry, and warm through any weather. You may even be able to keep up with your dog’s enthusiasm during long walks in the rain!

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If you have any questions for The Malamute Mom, leave a comment below or get in contact with us here.

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