Best Leash for Alaskan Malamute 2023 – Our 5 Picks

Alaskan Malamutes are a strong and stubborn breed. If they decide they want to sniff something whilst out on a walk, you’re going to have trouble pulling them away until they decide they’re ready. It can also mean you find yourself suddenly pulled off into random directions! Trust us when we say that owning an Alaskan Malamute requires a strong leash that can withstand frequent strain, but which is best and how do you choose? We’re here to help you find the best leash for Alaskan Malamutes with our recommendations that have kept our Malamutes safe and secure through even the strongest pulling.

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Table of the Best Leash for Alaskan Malamutes


6 Ft Strong Dog Leash by iYoShop


Manufacturer’s Weight Limit: 150lbs

Available Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red

If you’re looking for a high-quality dog leash at an affordable price for your Alaskan Malamute, then the 6FT Strong Dog Leash by iYoShop is the best choice for you.

Despite the low price, plenty of thought has gone into designing this leash. The leash itself has reflective threading that will increase your visibility when walking in the dark, and the clasps are made with thicker metal than most other manufacturers.

One of the complaints we regularly hear is that holding a leash’s handle for long periods of time can become very uncomfortable, particularly with Malamutes who like to pull a lot. Luckily, that’s not a problem with this leash as it has a padded and cushioned handle that stays comfortable in your hands but still provides plenty of grip.


+ Reflective thread for high visibility

+ Waste bag ring included

+ Comfortable padded handle

+ Affordable


– No bungee sections


Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash by Max and Neo


Manufacturer’s Weight Limit: Unspecified but safe for large dogs

Available Colours: Teal, Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red

The Double Handle Reflective Dog Leash by Max and Neo is not only extremely useful, but also supports a very good cause. For every leash that Max and Neo sell, they donate one to a dog rescue meaning your purchase will directly support other dogs in need.

The leash itself has two handles; one at the end of the leash as is typically expected, and one further down the leash closer to where it attaches to your Malamute’s collar or harness. This provides added control in situations where your Malamute may become stressed or agitated, such as walking past other dogs or walking them in a crowded area.

Available in many bright colours, the leash is also highly reflective making it perfect for those of you who prefer to walk in the dark. Whilst there are no specified weight limits, the stitching and dimensions of the leash are similar to those that withstand up to 150lbs.


+ A leash is donated to a dog rescue for everyone sold

+ Highly reflective

+ Double handle provides added control

+ Padded neoprene handle


– Can start fraying after a few months of use


Hands Free Double Dog Leash for Large Dogs by Pet Dreamland


Manufacturer’s Weight Limit: 150lbs

Available Colours: Khaki and Orange, Black and Red, Grey and Pink, Black and Green, Grey and Blue

Those of you who love to run with your Alaskan Malamute will certainly benefit from a hands-free leash. The Hands-Free Double Dog Leash by Pet Dreamland simply attaches around your waist meaning you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the leash during your exercise.

Don’t worry though, this leash isn’t just for the runners amongst you. Using a hands-free leash can reduce the amount of stress put on the ligaments on your arms and can provide more stability for those of you walking particularly energetic Alaskan Malamutes.

What we love about this leash is that the creators have clearly thought of everything. It comes with a clip attachment that allows you to use it for two large dogs at once, and each of the separate leashes has its own handle that allows you to gain control over the individual dogs when needed. There are multiple bungee sections on the leash that absorb shock from when your Malamute pulls, meaning you won’t be jolted all over the place!

If that wasn’t enough, the double-dog attachment has a ‘tangle-free swivel splitter’ that can rotate 350 degrees This prevents your leash from getting tangled when your Malamutes inevitably want to go in different directions.


+ Can hold two large dogs

+ Hands-free option

+ Has a 360 degree ‘swivel splitter’ that prevents tangles

+ Bungee leash absorbs shock from pulling


– Can be complicated to set-up


Bungee Dog Leash by OutdoorMaster


Manufacturer’s Weight Limit: Unspecified but specifically mentions suitable for Alaskan Malamutes

Available Colours: Green, Tan, Black

We know of many Alaskan Malamute owners who swear that the best dog leashes are those that include bungee cord. That’s why we’ve included the Bungee Dog Leash by OutdoorMaster on our list, and the excellent reviews make us confident we’ve chosen the right pick!

Using a bungee leash is particularly helpful for those of you with Alaskan Malamutes who tend to pull a lot as the shock from any sudden pulling is partly absorbs by the cord. This puts lets strain on the ligaments in your arm and will reduce the risk of being pulled over, limiting any injuries you may incur.

The leash also has a second handle closer to the collar attachment clip that gives you extra control over your Malamute by allowing you to effectively shorten their leash. The handle is also padded for your comfort.

Please note that this leash does not have any added features to increase your visibility such as reflective thread, so it will be up to you to make up for that elsewhere if you tend to walk your Malamute in the dark a lot.


+ Bungee absorbs shock if your Malamute pulls

+ Added handle for extra control

+ 6-month warranty

+ High quality hardware


– Not reflective


Premium Chain Heavy Duty Dog Leash by Ctopogo


Manufacturers Weight Limit: Not mentioned but designed for dogs over 30kg

Available Colours: Silver chain

We know that some Alaskan Malamutes are unstoppable chew machines no matter what you try. Unfortunately for you as an owner, this means that the majority of fabric leashes will not stand the test of time. That’s where a chain leash comes in particularly handy.

Using a chain leash is often associated with having an aggressive dog but there are many benefits to them. As previously mentioned, they can not be chewed through and they are also usually more durable than any fabric leash making them a long-lasting solution for owners of Malamutes that like to pull.

Our personal recommendation is the Premium Chain Heavy Duty Dog Leash by Ctopogo as it is made with a durable 5mm chain that is thicker than most other chain leashes. It also has a soft leather handle to help you keep a comfortable grip during long walks. Whilst Ctopogo don’t specifically mention a weight restriction, they do claim it was designed with dogs over 30kg in mind so there should be no problem using it with your Alaskan Malamute.

We should note than the rattle of a chain leash may be unsettling or distracting to Alaskan Malamutes that are sensitive to noises when on a walk. This will not be a problem to most Malamutes, but we ask that you consider it before purchasing to ensure the well-being of your dog.


+ Comfortable leather handle

+ Specifically designed for dogs over 30kg

+ Chew proof

+ Coarser chain than other leashes


– Rattle of chain may upset sensitive dogs


Final Thoughts

Using our recommendations, we hope that you will find the best dog leash for your Alaskan Malamute that’s suited to your needs. If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this article, or about anything else related to Alaskan Malamutes, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

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