Do Huskies Kill Rabbits? Things You NEED To Know

If you’re considering keeping huskies and rabbits together, you must be aware of the risks.

Huskies can kill rabbits, and there’s no way to know whether they would be aggressive toward them unless they were raised and socialized together from a young age. For this reason, it isn’t a good idea to let your husky near wild or pet rabbits off-leash, and you should also think twice before considering keeping a husky and rabbit together as pets.

Husky Prey Drive & Rabbits

Huskies have a high prey drive by nature, more so than many other dogs.

This means they are prone to chasing after small animals like rabbits without a second thought. Some huskies have higher prey drives than others; similarly, some are more aggressive towards smaller animals.

When their prey drive kicks in, there is very little you can do to recall them, and it’s tough to know whether a husky will bite the rabbit if they manage to catch it.

Could A Husky Kill A Rabbit?

Huskies have an incredibly powerful bite with a force of 320 PSI.

To put this into perspective, it only takes around 100 PSI to break several bones in a human arm.

This means that if a husky could catch a rabbit, it could easily kill or severely injure it with just one bite.

Can Huskies Catch Rabbits?

Rabbits can run very fast (up to 70 km/h or 45 mph), so if you’re worried about a rabbit that your husky might have chased while on a walk, there’s a good chance that it might have escaped.

If the rabbit didn’t have anywhere to run, the likelihood of survival would be much lower, depending on the nature of your husky.

What If They Are Raised Together From Young?

If you raise a husky from a puppy with pet rabbits, there’s a much higher chance they will get along.

This is the same principle with raising huskies with cats, but it’s important to remember that your husky will still have a high prey drive naturally, even if they are raised together.

This means there will always be a risk of them chasing after the rabbit, and only you can know how likely they are to bite during the chase.

There are many success stories of huskies being raised with small animals like cats and even chickens, so it definitely can be done, but you need to be aware of the risks.

What About Senior Huskies And Rabbits?

Senior huskies are less of a risk to rabbits because they have less energy, but there is still a risk due to the prey drive.

The benefit of a senior husky is that you’ve had more chance to see them in situations where their prey drive would have kicked in, so you will have a better idea of how they interact with smaller animals.

How Do You Introduce A Husky To A Rabbit?

If you plan to introduce a husky to a rabbit, you must remain in complete control and ensure your husky is always on a leash.

You should also start slowly and let your rabbit remain in its cage for the whole time. Let your husky sniff the cage and the rabbit, and watch out for signs that your rabbit is stressed.

You should also never leave the two alone unsupervised, no matter how much you trust your husky. Don’t forget that their prey drive is instinctual and can take over their normal behavior instantly.

Husky Chasing Rabbits On Walks

Huskies are prone to chasing after small animals on walks, like rabbits, cats, and even other small dogs.

This, combined with the difficulty of teaching recall to a husky to begin with, is why you should always keep your husky on a leash if you’re in an unsecured area.

If your local walking route is populated with rabbits, you need to be aware of the potential harm your husky could cause them if it is allowed off-leash.

There is also the risk to your husky to consider as well; it won’t take long for them to get lost or put themselves in harm’s way during the chase.

In Summary

Although some huskies can live happily with small animals like rabbits, there will always be an inherent risk due to their prey drive, and it’s up to you to assess whether this is worth it.

There is also the issue of the stress it could cause for your rabbit(s). Is it worth giving them constant stress?

Let me know what you think about keeping huskies with rabbits below.

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