Do Huskies Have Webbed Feet? Learn The Facts Here

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If you’ve ever taken a close look at your husky’s paws you might be surprised to notice webbing, but do huskies have webbed feet or is this something else?

Huskies do have webbed feet. Since these magnificent-looking canines originated in the cold arctic regions prone to extreme cold weather conditions with abundant ice, Huskies naturally developed webbed feet with time.

In this guide, I’ll break down why exactly huskies have webbed feet, what benefits it has and much more. Let’s get into it.

What Are Webbed Feet?

Webbed feet, or paws in this case, are found on several dog breeds including huskies and it is where the toes are joined together by a small amount of connective tissue.

It’s important to note that huskies do not have completely webbed feet, and instead have small triangles of skin between each toe which provide a small amount of webbing rather than total webbing like you would see on a frog, for example.

Why Do Huskies Have Webbed Feet?

The webbing in Huskies feet provides nothing but convenience to your four-legged friend as it makes it easier for them to navigate through areas that are prone to snow.

Huskies are energetic and strong dogs that have been extensively used in transportation activities throughout the coldest areas across the world. They’re made to work for long periods in extreme weather conditions, which is why their bodies have several characteristics that align with this hectic lifestyle – their iconic double coats being one of them.

Think of their webbed feet as snow boots. Their feet also differ in shape from other dog breeds. If you closely observe a Huskies paw, you will notice it tends to have an “oval-like” or triangular medium-sized shape.

Moreover, Huskies also possess strong pads to sustain harsh weather conditions and protect them from the cold.

Husky webbed paws up close on some snow

Since working dogs need cushioning beneath their paws to maintain their active lifestyle and Huskies have been employed for pulling sleds, this cushioning is a gift of nature for these gorgeous canines.

Many other winter dogs possess the same trait because the purpose remains the same irrespective of the breed; to provide dogs with ease and convenience when walking through snowy areas.

What Benefits Do Webbed Feet Have For Other Breeds?

It’s pretty clear to see why huskies have webbed feet, as well as other arctic breeds like the Alaskan Malamute, but why are webbed feet seen in other dog breeds?

  • Swimming – Webbed paws are incredibly useful for dog breeds that are used to swimming. Of course, huskies are not particularly fond of swimming, but this doesn’t mean that other breeds don’t make use of their webbed paws for this application.
  • Digging – There are quite a few digging breeds that use their webbed paws to dig for animals while hunting – think Jack Russel Terrier. Funnily enough, huskies do make use of their webbed paws for digging as well!
  • Hunting – As well as digging holes during hunting, webbed paws are found across several hunting breeds that require not only the ability to dig or swim but to travel across land quickly with plenty of grip.

Caring for Webbed Paws

A Husky’s paws protect the deep tissue inside and provide cushioning to protect their joints from shock – allowing them to easily walk on rough surfaces. Giving your Husky’s paws sufficient care and keeping them in good condition enables them to walk and play with you with ease.

To care for your Husky’s paws, remember to groom your canine friend regularly and cut their nails to a length that is just above the floor level. Moreover, ensure to rub a suitable, non-toxic canine pad moisturizer on their feet.

Canine pad moisturizers keep their pads moist and also prevent them from cracking in extreme heat. It’s important to use one that can be safely ingested – we all know how Huskies love to lick their feet!

Moreover, WeLoveDoodles – a doodle dog website that is an authority on dog health and grooming, suggests using premium quality nail grinders instead of scissors or clippers to cut dog nails. It is hard to see the blood veins in the nails in most dog breeds, including huskies, which means that clipping can sometimes cause injury.

Examples Of Other Dog Breeds With Webbed Feet

Huskies aren’t the only dog breed that has webbed feet.

In fact, pretty much every dog breed has some degree of webbing on their paws. Certain breeds just have more than others.

Strong swimming breeds tend to have much more pronounced webbing than toy dog breeds, for example. Here’s a short list of popular dog breeds with significant webbing on their paws:

  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Otterhound
  • Newfoundland

Hunting breeds also tend to have more webbing, but in this case not necessarily for swimming. Instead, webbed paws can also aid in digging in breeds like the dachshund.

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