Can Huskies Eat Rice? (How To Feed Them Rice Safely)

Rice is used in many commercial dog foods, but can huskies eat rice, or must it be part of a dog food mix?

Huskies can eat rice, and it definitely has its place in a well-rounded husky diet. Brown rice is more nutritionally dense, but white rice is excellent when your husky has an upset stomach.

In this guide I’ll explain the benefits of rice for huskies, how to prepare it, how often you should feed it, and what types are best.

A Quick Disclaimer

Rice shouldn’t be used as a substitute for commercial dog food, as it doesn’t provide all the nutrition a dog needs.

Even brown rice, which has more nutrition, is still unsuitable as a substitute, so consider using rice to supplement your husky’s usual nutrition. Always consult with your veterinarian before introducing rice into your husky’s diet.

Your husky may also be allergic to rice, and symptoms include itchy skin and hair loss. This is quite rare, but you should first offer a small amount of rice to be sure.

4 Benefits Of Rice For Huskies

My veterinarian recently recommended that I feed rice to one of my dogs, who is having trouble with his stomach.

This got me thinking about the specific benefits of rice, and after a few too many hours of research, I’ve just about figured them all out. Let’s look at the benefits of rice, specifically for huskies.

1. Low Fat

Huskies need some fat in their diet to aid with energy and specific bodily functions like transporting molecules and reducing heat loss, but it is better if they get healthy fats from sources like fish or meat fat.

Rice is very low in fat and has fewer calories, so it can bulk out a meal nicely.

2. Low Sodium

Salt is essential for huskies to keep them hydrated adequately. It also plays a role in muscle and nerve function, so why is it a good thing that rice is low in sodium?

Sodium is found in many other foods you would feed your husky; feeding them too much can become an issue and lead to severe symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting and even seizures.

It’s great to have an alternative like rice that is low in sodium so you don’t have to worry about accidentally feeding your husky too much sodium.

3. Great For Dogs With An Upset Stomach

As I mentioned, my vet suggested rice as a remedy for my dog who has been struggling with stomach issues.

Huskies can oftentimes get diarrhea or have stomach issues due to how picky they can be with their food. Rice is a great meal idea to help them settle their stomachs when they are having issues with it.

Rice (specifically white rice) is ideal for upset stomachs because it’s easy to digest and low in fiber.

4. Vitamins & Minerals

White rice, known as the least healthy type of rice, has a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for huskies, such as iron and B vitamins.

Brown rice is the better option and contains nutrients like Vitamin D, B1, and B6.

Rice can get a bad rep, especially white rice, for being bland and lacking nutrition. When you look at the nutrition in detail, it does actually contain some good nutrients for your husky.

How To Prepare Rice For Your Husky

Here are a few of my favorite ways to prepare rice for my dogs that you can try.

From Raw

The best way to make rice for your husky is to prepare it from scratch.

This way, you can control what is added to it, rather than heating pre-cooked rice from the store with additional oil and other preservatives.

To do this, simply cook the rice however you prefer. I like to use a rice cooker and prepare the rice plain without adding any salt to taste.

A brown and white husky staring at the camera

I then let the rice cool and store it in the fridge for a few days. It can be added directly to any regular dog food or fed separately with cooked chicken or your choice of meat.


Pre-cooked grocery store rice is not that bad for your husky. It usually contains some oil and any possible flavorings or preservatives.

I advise buying plain white or brown rice that can be heated in the microwave for a few minutes.

Rice Treats

Rice treats are a great way to treat your husky to a super healthy snack.

There are a few ways to prepare these, but the basic idea is to mix rice and meat – either chicken or beef – into small balls that can be fed to your husky as treats throughout the day.

I like to prepare my rice in a rice cooker to make it stickier and then add boiled chicken to it once it has cooled so I can easily shape it into balls. I put these into the fridge and they will easily last up to 5 days.

You can also add raw chicken to the rice, form it into balls in the same way, and then bake it in the oven for 15 minutes on each side at 350°F. This improves the texture but obviously takes more time.

Protein To Rice Ratio

If you decide to add protein to the rice, aim for a 2:1 ratio of protein to rice. This is the recommended amount for dealing with digestive issues.

Brown Vs. White Rice For Huskies

Huskies can eat both brown and white rice, and there are specific benefits for offering each type.

Brown rice has more nutritional value, so you should offer brown rice more regularly than white rice.

White rice is blander and less nutritious, but this can be helpful if your husky is suffering from an upset stomach.

One of my go-to meals for my dogs when they have upset stomachs is boiled chicken breast and white rice. It’s super easy to make and always sure to soothe their stomachs quickly.

Other Types Of Rice

Other types of rice, like basmati and wild, are acceptable for dogs to eat.

The best rule of thumb is to offer white rice to treat stomach issues with your husky and then brown and wild rice (ideally without any seasonings or additions) for frequent meals.

White rice is excellent but doesn’t offer the same nutritional value as brown or wild rice.

Can Huskies Eat Raw Rice?

Huskies can eat raw rice, but cooked rice is a much better and safer option as the cooking process removes any harmful bacteria that might be present.

Although huskies have strong stomach acid, it’s still safer to cook their food before feeding them, especially with rice. It also gives it a nicer texture that they will enjoy much more.

How Much Rice Should They Eat?

According to Petmd, you can feed a medium-sized dog 1/4 cup of rice daily and large dogs 1/3 cup of rice daily.

Since huskies weigh anywhere from 35-60 lbs, this works out as 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup each day.

How Often Can You Feed Huskies Rice?

If your vet recommends rice like mine, they’ll usually recommend it daily until their condition improves.

Rice as a snack, such as the rice ball recipe I suggested earlier, can be fed 2 or 3 days a week.

In Summary

Rice is a great food to feed your husky. Although it doesn’t contain the most nutrients, certain types are more nutrient-dense, and white rice has a place for soothing their stomachs.

Always consult with your vet before offering rice to your husky, and once you’ve been given the green light, try out the rice ball recipe I outlined for a quick and easy treat for your husky that they are sure to love.

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