10 Best Dog Brushes For Huskies – 2023 Guide

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Huskies are a time-consuming breed for many reasons, one of which is their grooming needs. Their beautiful wolf-like coats need regular grooming to maintain a healthy appearance and prevent matting from happening.

Choosing the right tools can be tricky. Different tools are needed for different jobs and some should never be used on a Husky coat as they’ll do more harm than good!

So, what are the best dog brushes for Huskies? Read our complete guide to Husky grooming to find out! We’ve included all of the brush types we recommend as well as a grooming routine to help boost your Husky’s appearance and coat health.

The Slicker Brush

We recommend starting your Husky’s grooming routine with a slicker brush. These are designed to comb through the undercoat and remove loose hairs, preventing matting from occurring.

Starting by combing around the denser areas of your Husky’s fur first, such as around the neck and the rump. This is where matting is the most likely to occur so it’s better to use up your Husky’s patience in these areas in case they can’t sit still for a long time.

Don’t forget to comb around your Husky’s stomach and legs. These areas are harder to reach but can still become tangled. Regular grooming sessions will help to build your Husky’s grooming stamina and prevent matts which will be difficult to remove down the line.

1. HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Essential Tool
Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs
  • Self-cleaning
  • Prevents matting
  • Removes loose hairs
  • Comfortable grip
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We love the Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush by Hertzko as it feels comfortable to hold during lengthy grooming sessions. It also has a handy button which, when pressed, helps you to remove the hairs from the brush itself – hence the self-cleaning title!

2. Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush for Dogs

Don’t be put off by the price tag – this is one tool that’s worth every penny. The ‘Big G’ Slicker Brush by Chris Christensen is probably the best all-around dog grooming brush you can get for your Husky.

The brush has been designed by experts in the dog show industry. They know precisely how to care for a double-coated breed and make their coats stand out.

This is also one of the biggest brushes on the market. It has 30% more pins than other premium brands available meaning you can brush your Husky quicker and with less effort. Perfect for those of you with inpatient Huskies.

The Dematter Comb

It’s inevitable that your Husky will develop a matted fur section at some point in their life – no matter how hard you try to prevent it!

Huskies are outdoor dogs with a lot of fur that’s always shedding. It’s not surprising that hairs sometimes get stuck.

When this eventually happens, you’re going to need a de-matting comb. These combs have lightly serrated blades which gently cut stubborn tangles from out of your Husky’s coat. Although it’s tempting to just shave the fur, it’s much better to try detangling as shaving can permanently alter how the fur regrows.

3. Coastal Pet Safari Dog De-Matting Comb

Coastal Pet Safari Dog De-Matting Comb
  • Gently removes matted fur
  • Reversible comb
  • Reduces pain experienced during grooming
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We stand by the Dog Dematting comb by Safari as being one of the best for the job thanks to its smaller size.

Many other de-matting combs are large rakes making it harder to actually work around the problem area. The smaller comb head on the Safari de-matting comb makes grooming delicate areas a breeze!

Dematting your Husky is never going to be a pleasant process but we can get the job done the quickest using this comb – meaning fewer complaints!

As a bonus, the head of the comb can be reversed making it comfortable to grip for both left and right-handed users.

4. Pets First Professional Pet Mat Remover

Pets First Professional Pet Mat Remover Pets First Professional Pet Mat Remover
  • Rounded teeth prevent accidental scratching
  • Handle is designed to prevent wrist-strain
  • Small blades for precision grooming
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One of the most common areas a Husky will get matted is in their armpits. This is unfortunate for us owners as the armpit is one of the most difficult areas to groom – it’s both hard to reach and extra sensitive for your Husky.

The Professional Pet Mat Remover by Pets First is a lifesaver in these situations. Its small head makes it easier to comb delicate areas. The blades are also rounded so you don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting your Husky.

The Undercoat Rake

No Husky-owner’s grooming kit is complete without an undercoat rake. Ask any owner what grooming tool they can’t live without and it’s bound to be some variation of this!

Undercoat rakes are designed to remove loose hairs from your Husky’s undercoat without damaging its topcoat.

Trust us – an undercoat rake is going to be your best friend when it comes to coat-blowing season.

We believe that several available undercoat rakes are too harsh to be used in frequent grooming sessions. Many of them prioritise being able to remove as many hairs as fast as possible, and some even have serrated edges.

After trying these, we’ve unfortunately seen irreversible damage to our Husky’s topcoat which hasn’t grown back properly. Learn from us and save your Huskies from discomfort!

5. WAHL Double Row Rake with Soft Grip Gel Handle

WAHL Double Row Rake and Shedding Blade with Soft Grip Gel Handle
  • Easy grip handle for long grooming sessions
  • Double-row rake to target different layers of coat
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We love Stainless Steel Undercoat Rake by WAHL. It has two rows of widely spaced teeth at different heights.

This maximises the amount of hair that can be removed without actually damaging your Husky’s precious guard hairs.

After switching to this undercoat rake we noticed a huge improvement in our Husky’s coat. Not only that, but our Husky is much more patient during grooming sessions – likely because their fur isn’t being painfully pulled at.

6. Master Grooming Tool Ergonomic Undercoat Rake

Master Grooming Tools Ergonomic Undercoat Rakes Master Grooming Tools Ergonomic Undercoat Rakes
  • Prevents hand and wrist strain during grooming sessions
  • Designed to reduce strain caused by grooming thicker coats
  • Long pins are ideal for double coats
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When your Husky starts to blow their coat, you’ll be using your undercoat rake for long grooming sessions. It’s just as important to make sure you’re comfortable during these sessions as it is for your Husky.

The Ergonomic Undercoat Rake by Master Grooming Tools is the best for maximising comfort in your hand and wrist. It’s designed to be easy to grip whilst grooming thicker coats – perfect for grooming your Husky.

The Grooming Comb

You might already have this next grooming for yourself – the simple grooming comb. Don’t underestimate its usefulness though, it’s essential for maintaining a healthy coat on your Husky.

We recommend using a grooming comb once you’re done with the undercoat rake to remove any missed loose hairs. A grooming comb makes it super easy to check for any matted areas that you have previously missed.

7. Stainless Steel Grooming Comb by Shiny Pet

Stainless Steel Dog Comb By Shiny Pet
  • Removes dirt and loose hairs
  • Comfortable grip
  • Rounded teeth to improve circulation in the skin
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Our favorite is the Dog Grooming Comb by Shiny Pet. Its grip is very comfortable to hold during tedious sessions, despite not having a handle, and the two different teeth widths make it ideal for grooming our Husky’s entire body.

To top it off, Shiny Pet claim that the rounded ends of the teeth improve your Husky’s circulation by massaging their skin during grooming sessions.

8. Double-Sided Pet Comb for Grooming by Poodle Pet Store

Double-Sided Pet Comb for Grooming & Massaging Dogs Double-Sided Pet Comb for Grooming & Massaging Dogs
  • Stainless steel pins are strong enough to remove tough tangles
  • Easy to grip compared to other combs
  • Wide and fine tooth comb in one
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you would prefer a grooming comb that has a handle, we recommend the Double-Sided Pet Comb by Poodle Pet Store. It offers the same advantages as the Shiny Pet comb but with an easier-to-hold grip.

This comb was originally designed for poodles – so we’re confident it can handle even the wooliest of Huskies!

The Bristle Brush

We finish our Husky’s grooming session with a good brush using a bristle or rounded pin brush.

After a long grooming session, your Husky is probably going to be feeling antsy and ready for some alone time. A quick once-over with a bristle brush is the perfect way to wind the session down and help them to relax.

These brushes ensure that your Husky’s coat is all laid flat and in the direction of natural growth – improving its overall appearance. As well as being pleasing to the eye, it also encourages the production of nourishing oils.

9. Sharper Image 2-Sided Bristle Brush

Sharper Image 2 Sided Bristle Grooming Brush
  • Helps to calm them down after a long grooming session
  • Perfect for a quick tidy-up groom
  • Double-sided to target different coat lengths
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Our choice is the 2-in-1 Bristle and Pin Brush by Sharper Image Pet which gives you the best of both worlds. The widely spaced pins massage your Husky’s skin and the bristle side sweeps away loose hairs from the topcoat.

We recommend keeping this brush near your door as it’s perfect for brushing dried dirt off of your Husky after a particularly muddy walk. Every little helps to keep them looking pristine until their next full grooming session.

The Grooming Glove

Okay, we have to admit that grooming gloves are more of a fun grooming tool than an essential one. Grooming gloves are designed to make grooming sessions more enjoyable for your Husky as they’re led to believe they are simply receiving more love and attention from you.

We know a few Husky owners who actually trained their Husky to be more tolerant of grooming by using grooming gloves. It’s worth a try if you have a sensitive Husky too!

10. Pet Magasin Gentle Deshedding Grooming Gloves

Pet Magasin Gentle and Effective Patented Deshedding Grooming Gloves Pet Magasin Gentle and Effective Patented Deshedding Grooming Gloves
  • Useful gift for owners
  • Makes grooming sessions a breeze
  • One size fits all
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Our friends love the Effective Grooming Gloves by Pet Magasin which act as wearable brushes. These gloves are advantageous thanks to their flexible palms that allow the wearer to groom difficult and harder-to-reach areas.

Whilst these gloves are unlikely to replace your go-to grooming tools, they will certainly make everyday brushing a more enjoyable experience for both you and your Husky.

Final Thoughts

Having reliable grooming tools is important for a Husky owner. A Husky’s coat can easily get matted so it’s our responsibility to stay on top of it. Using our recommendations for the best grooming tools, you can keep your Husky looking healthy year-round.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or get in touch at info@themalamutemom.com.

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