5 Best Elevated Food Bowls for Large Dog Breeds 2023

It’s a simple fact of life – dogs love food. It doesn’t matter how it’s presented to them, they’re just happy to have it! But does the way we feed them actually make a difference? Elevated food bowls are quickly gaining popularity in the dog world for the benefits they offer, particularly for larger breeds such as the Alaskan Malamute and German Shephard.

There’s nothing complicated about them, they simply put the food closer to your dog’s mouth. It may be a small change but for some dogs, it can greatly improve their mealtimes.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether an elevated food bowl is right for your dog and show you our personal recommendations.

What Are the Benefits of Elevated Food Bowls?

The idea of an elevated food bowl is that your dog’s food is brought closer to their mouth meaning they don’t have to lean down as far to eat. They may not make the biggest difference for smaller dogs but for large dog breeds, this can make eating much more comfortable as there is no need to strain their neck and back muscles.

Imagine having to lean down to your plate every time you ate, it would surely take a toll on your muscles eventually!

Though younger dogs can handle this position whilst eating, it can soon become a problem for elderly dogs or those with mobility problems such as arthritis. Older dogs in particular can become very fussy with food and using elevated food bowls can help to reduce some of the stress surrounding eating.

Using elevated food bowls may also make mealtimes less messy as the bowls are usually secured in a platform. This makes it difficult for them to push the bowls around leading to fewer spillages but don’t hold us accountable for that, messy dogs will always find a way!

Do Elevated Food Bowls Have Any Risks?

As with everything else surrounding your dog’s health, there are drawbacks to using elevated food bowls that need to be considered before you make any changes to your dog’s mealtimes.

The biggest risk with using elevated bowls is canine bloat, a potentially life-threatening problem in which a dog’s stomach fills with gas and becomes twisted. Some research suggests eating at an elevated position will cause a dog to ingest more air with their food.

As bloat is caused by gas building up in the stomach it is thought that the chances of getting bloat are therefore increased.

Bloat is a rare yet extremely serious problem and larger dog breeds such as the Alaskan Malamute are already more susceptible due to their deep chests. The research into using elevated bowls and their links to bloat is limited but we feel it is important you are aware of the potential risk before making any decisions.

We personally still advocate for using elevated food bowls, especially with elderly dogs, and believe they are safe for use so long as the owner is aware of the signs of bloat. You can read our advice on preventing canine bloat and what symptoms to look out for here.

What Elevated Food Bowl is Right For Your Dog?

Through the years we’ve tried and tested many different elevated food bowls. Below are our top 5 personal favourites to fit every need.

1. Premium Elevated Feeder by Pawfect Pets

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re looking for a good, sturdy feeder with a simple design then look no further. This elevated feeding station by Pawfect Pets has everything you could wish for and is available at an affordable price.

Don’t be fooled by the price though, this elevated feeder ticks all the boxes and looks great whilst doing so. The simple wooden design is easy to clean and makes tipping the bowls over very difficult, even for larger dogs.

Anti-slip silicone rings line the bowl cut-outs preventing the dishes from clanging around, and they include four stainless steel bowls of varying capacities.

Our one criticism is that the feeding station is only available in one size and is lower to the ground than some of the others available. We advise you to assess your individual situation to make sure it fits your requirements but in our experience, the amount of elevation is still suitable even for larger dog breeds.

2. Large Elevated Dog Bowl by Dogit

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? These solo dishes made by Dogit are perfect for those of you looking to try elevated food bowls without having to spend a fortune.

We love these bowls as they don’t take up as much space as a dual bowl setup making them ideal for people with limited space. We’ve had no problems using a single bowl and simply filling them with food during mealtimes and leaving them topped up with water for the rest of the day.

The removable bowl is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. They’re available in four different colours (black, white pink or blue) and two different sizes (large or small) allowing you to find the perfect bowl for your pooch.

3. Tall Elevated Bamboo Feeder by PetFusion

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re willing to spend a little more to get the best for your dog, we can’t recommend the Petfusion elevated feeder enough.

We absolutely love the look of these bowls which come with a simple bamboo elevated frame that will struggle to look out of place in the majority of kitchens. The bamboo is triple coated in a water-resistant seal making it a lasting investment, and as an extra bonus, it’s all responsibly sourced.

The frame also has anti-slip pads on both the legs and around where the bowl sits to prevent any spillages from particularly enthusiastic eaters. Whilst it may be on the costlier side, you’re guaranteed to get a good quality product that will last through many mealtimes to come.

4. Designer Diner Adjustable Elevated Dog Bowls by Pet Zone

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

For those of you who are unsure of what height bowl is the best, the adjustable elevated feeding station by Pet Zone is a must-buy.

The adjustable feeder has three different height settings, allowing you to try what works best for your dog. The different height settings also make this feeder particularly useful for puppies as the feeder can literally grow with them!

The feeder comes with two rust-resistant, stainless steel bowls and the frame can be collapsed flat which is perfect for cleaning and transportation where necessary. As if this feeder wasn’t good enough, its sleek black design makes it blend into any kitchen and feels much more expensive than it is.

5. Modern Double Diner Feeder by Platinum Pets

Platinum Pets Double Diner Feeder with Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Platinum Pets Double Diner Feeder with Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
  • Elevated food bowls reduce neck strain and improve digestion.
  • Bowls fit snug in the frame so there is no rattle during eating.
  • Ideal for older Malamutes who are not as mobile.
  • Available in a wide variety of bowl colors.
  • Multiple sizes available - we recommend the 6.25 cup size.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

We understand that sometimes plain and simple is best, which is probably why this elevated feed station by Platinum Pets is so popular in the dog world!

Don’t let its appearance fool you though, this feeder is just as sturdy as any other! It comes with durable non-slip pads covering each of its feet and a rattle-proof rim around where the bowls slip.

One of the biggest advantages to this feeder is the customisation possibilities, as the 2 provided stainless steel bowls come in a whopping eighteen different colours and finishes! If that wasn’t enough, the stand is available in five different heights so there’s no reason for not being able to find the setup that’s right for your dog.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully using our recommendations you’ll be able to find an elevated food bowl that’s right for your dog. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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